Social movements organize an act against the dictatorship in this


In the framework of the 60th anniversary of the coup d’état that established the civil-military dictatorship in Brazil, organizations that fight for memory, truth and justice, alongside political parties, parliamentary mandates, social movements and civil society entities called for the “60 years of the coup: Ditadura Never Again”, this Monday (1st), starting at 3pm, in the center of Rio de Janeiro.

The demonstration takes place on the corner of Rua da Recção and Rua dos Inválidos, in front of the building of the former Department of Order and Social Policy (Dops), the scene of serious human rights violations throughout the 20th century. After the concentration, the walk will continue to the Academic Center (Caco) of the National Faculty of Law of the Federal University of Rio (FND/UFRJ), a symbol of democratic resistance and popular struggles, where the annual Chico Mendes Medal of Resistance by the Torture Never Again Group, from 6pm.

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Among those honored are international movements supporting the Palestinian resistance BDS and Stop the Wall; Gonzaguinha, an important voice of the resistance; Disobedient Stories, from Argentina, Leonel de Moura Brizola; the fighters for housing, land and human rights Maria Criseide da Silva and Wellington Marcelino Romana; Norberto Nehring, murdered by the dictatorship; Pastor Mozart, resistant and supportive since the times of the dictatorship; the Quilombos do Sapê in the North of Espírito Santo, still threatened today by the Armed Forces and the company Suzano S/A and Ranúsia Alves Rodrigues, murdered by the dictatorship.

According to the organization of the demonstration and the awarding of the medal, the objective is to “reaffirm that Brazil no longer tolerates economic elites wanting to impose their regressive projects on the country through military coups”, says an excerpt from the note. Among the demands are the request for penalties for the coup plotters of 1964 and January 8, 2023, the reinstallation of the Special Commission on Political Deaths and Disappearances, the transformation of the former Dops building into a space of memory and the opening of the archives of the dictatorship.

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