Cars and motorcycles with covered license plates are spotted at the Avenida Brasil selections


On the first working day of operation of the Transbrasil Corridor, connecting the Deodoro Terminal, in the West Zone, to the Gentileza Terminal, in the Center of Rio, with the expressway’s selective lanes, drivers and motorcyclists were caught trying to deceive agents to avoid fines.

BRT Transbrasil corridor has its first test on a working day this Monday (1st). Photo: Cyro Neves / Rádio Tupi

From now on, the two selective lanes on Avenida Brasil are designated as follows:

  • Left lanes, exclusive for BRT buses;
  • Right lanes, intended for buses, taxis and official vehicles.

According to the city hall, anyone caught in these lanes will pay a fine of R$293.47.

The reporting team at Super Radio Tupi followed the work of the agents in the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation section, in Manguinhos, and noted the infractions.

This morning alone, hundreds of fines were issued to drivers who think they are “smart” using official vehicle signs.

Due to the start of the new operation, Avenida Brasil had traffic records with retentions at 7am. According to the Rio Operations Center, at 7 am, the congestion was 73 km. In the last three weeks, the average was 62 km. The biggest peak was at 7:30 am, when the slow flow reached 81 km.

Transbrasil, the fourth BRT corridor implemented in the city, is scheduled to operate from 10am until 3pm, every day of the week, with an estimated travel time of 40 minutes.

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