Industry leads the generation of jobs in SC, with 29 thousand vacancies in the year


In the first two months there were 52.2 thousand new jobs in Santa Catarina; service sector creates 19.3 thousand jobs and is second in the ranking

The industrial sector led the generation of formal jobs in Santa Catarina in January and February this year. In the first two months of 2024, 29 thousand new vacancies were opened in the industry. According to the FIESC Observatory, in order, the textile, clothing, leather and footwear sectors; construction; of food and beverages; and wood and furniture were the ones that created the most opportunities.

Considering all sectors of the Santa Catarina economy, 52.2 thousand new jobs were created in the first two months of the year. In addition to the 29 thousand in industry, 19.3 thousand jobs in the service sector, 3.8 thousand in agriculture and 99 in commerce.

According to the president of the Federation of Industries of Santa Catarina (FIESC), Mario Cezar de Aguiar, the good performance is due to the movement towards greater credit granting, reflecting the reduction in interest rates for new loans. “This directly impacts the production of capital goods, such as the machinery and equipment segment, for example, which recorded 28.5% growth in industrial production in January, compared to the same month of the previous year. This trend is also reflected in the resumption of job creation in these segments”, explained Aguiar.

According to the FIESC Observatory, another prominent sector among capital goods was other machines and equipment for general use – which ranges from industrial scales and packaging machines. The segment was responsible for 1,800 jobs in the two months.

“The interest rate dynamics also reflected an increase in commercial sales, especially durable goods, favoring some industrial sectors. Furthermore, high levels of average worker income also contribute to maintaining consumption”, highlights Camila Morais, economist at the FIESC Observatory.

​Sector ranking

The textile, clothing, leather and footwear segment came first in the ranking, with the creation of 7 thousand jobs in the two months. The highlight is activities linked to leather and footwear, which registered a 7% growth in formal employment in Santa Catarina. This performance was driven by a seasonal nature, due to the start of production of new autumn/winter collections.

In second place was the construction sector, which generated 6 thousand jobs in the year to date, driven by the fall in interest rates and building construction activity. Next, highlight goes to the food and beverage industry, which was responsible for creating 3,200 new jobs. The performance of this sector was encouraged by the diversification of commercial partners abroad and the maintenance of family consumption.

The improvement in conditions in the United States real estate sector benefited the job market in the wood and furniture sector – a traditional exporter –, with the creation of 2,600 jobs in SC. The chemicals and plastics industry registered 2,000 new jobs, mainly influenced by sales of perfumery and cosmetics and the production of plastic food packaging.

In the wake of the good moment experienced by the machinery and equipment sector, the segments that supply inputs to this sector also showed growth in employment. Metallurgy and metal mechanics opened 1,400 jobs in the first two months, also benefiting from the growth in activity in the automotive sector, which generated 1,300 jobs in the first two months of the year. Sales driven by foreign demand for engine parts and vehicle accessories, mainly to the United States, justify the growth.

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