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Every Drop Counts

On April 26, the municipality of Sobradinho will host the inaugural meeting of the RS Sustentável: Every Drop Counts series of symposiums, a priority action under the management of deputy Adolfo Brito (PP) at the head of the Rio Grande do Sul Assembly. The city was chosen during the formation meeting of the Executive Advisory and Debate Groups of the Democratic Forum for Regional Development of the House, last week, in preparation for the start of meetings that the collegiate will promote in the interior of the State, on topics of reservation of water, irrigation and fish farming. “We are going to create a public policy. The product must be born from our debate, which is why we need civil society. And this product will be the legal framework”, says Cibele Lazzari, coordinator of the Forum.

Third sector

This week, the Rio Grande do Sul Assembly installs the Parliamentary Front to Support Social Entities in the Third Sector. The group of deputies, proposed by Neri, the Postman (PSDB), intends to move forward with actions to encourage the formation of policies aimed at the segment, which includes institutions that are not part of the State or the Market, such as Civil Society Organizations. “I propose, from now on, that we dedicate ourselves to the development of manuals and promotion of leadership training that guarantee responsibility, ethics and respect for standards in access to shared resources, the dissemination of existing legislation and adjustments that may be necessary to enhance social benefits, to enrichment and strengthening of citizenship and democracy tools in the composition of political agendas”, states the deputy.

Gratitude to the school

Deputy Captain Martim (Republicans) will occupy the Grand Office period of the plenary session of the Rio Grande do Sul Parliament on Tuesday to pay tribute to Colégio Tiradentes, in Porto Alegre. A former student of the institution, the parliamentarian states that the teaching unit offers a solid educational base based on disciplinary rigor and academic excellence as fundamental pillars for success. “College Tiradentes was more than a school for me. It was the base on which I built my dreams and values”, highlights the parliamentarian.

60 years of the coup

This Monday, the Rio Grande do Sul Assembly will hold the official opening of a photographic exhibition commemorating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the 1964 Military Regime. Proposed by the PCdoB bench, in partnership with the National Confederation of Neighborhood Associations, the exhibition will remain open to the public at Espaço Deputado Carlos Santos, at Palácio Farroupilha, until next Friday.

Blue April

The facade of Palácio Farroupilha, headquarters of the Rio Grande do Sul Assembly, will remain illuminated in blue until the 15th in reference to the April Blue movement: Month of Debate and Awareness about Autism. The symbolic action, proposed by deputy Eliana Bayer (Republicans), refers to the international campaign that aims to raise awareness and guide the population about the inclusion of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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