Intense rains hit the Northeast, North and Central-West of Brazil, warns Inmet

Intense rains hit the Northeast, North and Central-West of Brazil, warns Inmet
Intense rains hit the Northeast, North and Central-West of Brazil, warns Inmet

O National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet)from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, issued this Sunday (31) danger alerts it’s from potential danger for heavy rains in the Northeast, North and Central-West regions of Brazil. Bad weather can also affect part of the Rio Grande do Sul it’s from Minas Gerais.

Danger alert

O Inmet danger alertsignaled in orange on the map above, It is for regions with forecast rainfall between 30 and 60 mm/h or 50 and 100 mm/day and intense winds (60-100 km/h). There is a risk of electricity cuts, falling tree branches, flooding and electrical discharges.

The report is valid from 9am on Sunday until 10am this Monday (1st).

This alert is for:

Northeast Region

  • Center, West, East, Wilderness large northern river
  • South, North, Northwest, Sertões and Central-South of CearáJaguaribe (CE) and Metropolitan Region of Fortaleza (CE)
  • East, North, West and Center of Maranhão
  • Sertão, Agreste and Mata da Paraíbain addition to Borborema (PB)
  • Central-North, Southeast and North of Piauí
  • Backlands of Pernambuco

North region

  • Southwest, North and South of Amazon
  • Vale do Juruá (AC) and Vale do Acre

Nine islanders rescued in Rio Grande do Norte

The weekend was rainy at the large northern river. The Salgado River, near the city of Lajes (RN), rose in level and flooded part of BR 304in addition to having left nine children and teenagers stranded on Sunday night (31). Everyone was rescued by the Fire Department.

The State government, commanded by Fátima Bezerrareported in a statement that it had mobilized state public security forces and federal institutions to assist and support security actions possible rescues of people in areas affected by the rains.

A Federal Highway Police (PRF) aircraft is on standby to travel from Pernambuco to Rio Grande do Norte this Monday (1st) and support any rescue actions.

Potential danger alerts

O Inmet also issued Potential danger alertsless severe and signaled in yellow on the map above, for regions with forecast rainfall between 20 and 30 mm/h or up to 50 mm/day and intense winds (40-60 km/h). According to the institute, there is a low risk of electricity cuts, falling tree branches, flooding or electrical discharges.

The alert is valid from 9am today until 10am this Monday (1st).

The alert area includes the States of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and the Federal Districtin the Central-West, in addition to parts of the region North East it’s from Minas Gerais. There is also the influence of this bad weather on a portion of the Rio Grande do Sul and in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre (RS).

See all locations in these alerts:

  • Goiano Center
  • Triângulo Mineiro/Alto Paranaíba
  • East Goiano
  • Central Mining
  • Northeast Pará
  • São-Franciscano Valley of Bahia
  • Southeast Pará
  • Recife Metropolitan
  • Western Tocantins
  • West Maranhão
  • Southeast Piauí
  • Center-South Mato Grosso
  • Acre Valley
  • South Goiano
  • Rio Doce Valley
  • Northeast Bahia
  • Sertão Pernambuco
  • Central Espírito Santo
  • San Francisco Pernambucano
  • Marajó
  • Agreste Pernambucano
  • Northeast Mato Grosso
  • Sertão Paraibano
  • Alagoas Sertão
  • East of Mato Grosso do Sul
  • Northwest Espírito Santo
  • Pernambucana Forest
  • Mucuri Valley
  • North of Minas
  • Agreste Paraibano
  • Borborema
  • North Center of Mato Grosso do Sul
  • South Bahia
  • Lower Amazon
  • Mata Paraibana
  • Jequitinhonha
  • North Mato Grosso
  • East Rondoniense
  • Southwest Pará
  • North of Roraima
  • Southeast Mato Grosso
  • North Goiano
  • South Maranhão
  • Amazon Center
  • Sao Jose do Rio Preto
  • Belo Horizonte Metropolitan
  • Southwest Piauí
  • Southwest of Mato Grosso do Sul
  • North of Amapá
  • Central-North Piauí
  • East Sergipe
  • East Alagoano
  • Belém Metropolitan
  • Pantanals Sul Mato Grosso
  • Araçatuba
  • South Amazon
  • Agreste Sergipano
  • North Coast of Espírito Santo
  • Northwest Goiano
  • Maranhão Center
  • Agreste Alagoano
  • Southwest Mato Grosso
  • South Ceará
  • Northwest of Minas
  • Eastern Tocantins
  • East Maranhão
  • North Amazon
  • Federal District
  • Madeira-Guaporé
  • Central South Bahia
  • Sertão Sergipe
  • South of Roraima
  • Southwest Amazon
  • Far West Bahia
  • South of Amapá
  • Juruá Valley
  • President Prudente
  • Southwest Rio Grande do Sul
  • Northwest Rio Grande do Sul
  • Southeast Rio Grande do Sul
  • Porto Alegre Metropolitan
  • Rio Grande do Sul Western Center
  • Rio Grande do Norte Eastern Center

What to do if you are in an area of ​​heavy rain

Inmet recommends that, in case of gusts of wind, people no Take shelter under trees, as there is a risk of falling and electrical shocks. It is also indicated no park vehicles near transmission towers and advertising signs.

During bad weather, the ideal is avoid use electronic devices plugged into the socket.

In case of emergencyyou must activate the Civil Defense (telephone 199) or the Fire Department (telephone 193).

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