Violent deaths decrease by 9% in the state of Rio

Data from the Institute of Public Security (ISP) of the government of the state of Rio de Janeiro indicate that violent lethality (robbery followed by death, intentional homicide, death by intervention of a state agent and bodily injury followed by death) registered a drop of 9 % and intentional homicide, when there is intent to kill, a reduction of 8%.

The numbers were disclosed today (24), with an analysis of the period from January to October of this year. These were the lowest values ​​for the year in both indicators in the last 31 years. The crime of robbery – theft followed by death – recorded 39 less victims in the period.

In the first ten months of this year, state security forces removed 390 rifles from the hands of criminals, about one weapon a day. The number is 27% higher than that recorded in the same period last year.

For Governor Cláudio Castro, removing these weapons of war from the hands of criminals is a priority for the security forces. “These rifles take the lives of innocent residents and our police, who work day and night to protect the population. It is in this field that our civil and military police operate”, he evaluated.

Deaths by state agent intervention fell 9% year-to-date. There were 1,111 deaths in the first ten months of 2022 and 101 in October – this was the lowest figure for the month since 2017.

Cargo theft recorded a 23% increase compared to October 2021. Another data that increased a lot compared to October last year was vehicle theft, with 30% more.

“The frequent disclosure of this data is essential for the management of public safety. With this information, the Civil and Military Police are able to allocate their resources more effectively to fight crime in the state”, explained the director-president of the Institute of Public Security, Marcela Ortiz.

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