Physical activity to combat burnout: personal suggests training

Physical activity to combat burnout: personal suggests training
Physical activity to combat burnout: personal suggests training

O burnout It is a problem that has affected so many people that it was recognized by the World Health Organization as an occupational disease in 2022. Characterized by mental exhaustion, one of its main symptoms is lack of motivation to carry out tasks inside and outside the work environment.

Understand how physical exercise can help prevent burnout

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Thus, the search for ways to not only combat it, but also prevent it, has increasingly increased, leading to some effective alternatives, such as adopting a physical activity routine.

The proof of this is that studies aimed at investigating the benefits of exercise in preventing and combating burnout in high-stress professions – such as military police, civil police and nursing, for example – have identified a direct relationship between the volume of physical activity carried out and the level of stress perception of professionals.

“This relationship tends to be justified physiologically by the fact that, during the practice of physical activity, there is an increase in the release of oxytocin and endorphins, which influence the individual’s mood and can act to alter reactivity to stress, reducing the state of apathy or anguish”, pointed out researcher Juan Carlos Freire in his thesis entitled “Association of physical activity with occupational stress and burnout syndrome in public security professionals”.

How training helps with burnout

Given the researcher’s conclusion, there is no denying that physical exercise has proven to be an effective weapon to prevent and combat burnout. But, after all, how can you exercise consistently if the disease works against your motivation to practice? According to the Smart Fit trainer Bruno Silvathe challenge is not simple, but health and sports professionals are already finding answers.

He explains that the best way to combat the discouragement caused by the condition is to combine physical activity with fun situations, such as practicing the exercises and sports that you like most, joining friends and colleagues in collective practices and seeking pleasant environments.

“The teacher’s role in this process is extremely important. Firstly, in terms of selection and training training. It is necessary to get to know the student, using, for example, strategies such as carrying out a questionnaire called anamnesis. It is also our role to monitoring and compiling results to ensure positive and motivational stimuli”, he concludes.

Training to avoid burnout

Do you want to stay further away from burnout by exercising? Check out Bruno Silva’s training tip below and in the video:

  • Squats – 3×15 repetitions – 1 minute break
  • Arm flexion – 3×15 repetitions – 1 minute break
  • Jumping jacks – 3×15 repetitions – 1 minute break
  • Rowing abdominal – 3×15 repetitions – 1 minute break
  • Squats + press – 3×15 repetitions – 1 minute break
  • Low skipping – 3×20 seconds – 1 minute break

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