“A scammer lives here!”: young people spray paint on the street where the woman lives


Rua Francisco da Cunha, where federal deputy Clarissa Tércio (PP) lives, in the neighborhood of Boa Viagem, Recife, dawned this Monday (1st) spray-painted with the phrase “A scammer lives here! For memory, truth and justice!” The action refers to the parliamentarian’s public support for the coup attacks on January 8, 2023, in Brasília, when Bolsonaro protesters dissatisfied with the electoral result invaded and vandalized the STF buildings and the Planalto Palace.

Street where deputy Clarissa Tércio lives, in Boa Viagem, was the scene of protest / Levante Popular da Juentude/reproduction

The action is part of a national “scrachos” campaign by the Levante Popular da Juventude movement, calling for punishment for supporters of the 2023 coup attempt, but on the date of the 1964 military coup. In 2012, the movement carried out a series of “scrachos” ” to the torturers of the dictatorship, pointing out the impunity of the military who persecuted, tortured and killed during the 21 years of military rule in Brazil.

On January 8, three months after being elected federal deputy – but still having a month to go before taking office – Clarissa shared images of the destruction of public buildings in Brasília, celebrating: “we just took power!” A Bolsonarista, she discredited the electoral process in which she herself won the mandate.

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“It is possible to lose your mandate”, says lawyer about investigation against Clarissa Tércio

During the Covid-19 pandemic, she used her social networks and Novas de Paz radio, which belongs to her family, to assert that the pandemic did not exist. Then, when she could no longer deny the virus, she spread lies that chloroquine “prevents” or “cures” Covid-19. She distributed the medicine in the outskirts.

Posters made reference to the deputy’s support for the failed coup attempt on January 8, 2023 / Levante Popular da Juentude/reproduction

The deputy, also in 2020, participated in a protest in front of a maternity hospital in Recife. She even invaded the maternity ward to prevent a 10-year-old child, who had been raped and was pregnant, the deputy tried to prevent the child from having an abortion within the law.

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In 2023, she was sentenced in the first instance to pay R$10,000 for misuse of the image and transphobia, after using her networks to expose a couple.

Barracks, church and town hall

Clarissa Tércio (PP) is a federal deputy and pre-candidate for mayor of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, where she will face former mayor Elias Gomes (PT) and current mayor Mano Medeiros (PL). Both Clarissa and Mano are Bolsonarists, but from competing groups in Jaboatão.

The mayor is a trusted name of the Ferreira family – led by federal André Ferreira and made up of former mayor Anderson Ferreira, his father and former state man Manoel Ferreira and councilor Fred Ferreira.

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The “Tércio”, who actually do not have “Tércio” in their name, are represented in politics by Clarissa, her husband and state deputy Junior de Tércio (Podemos) and intend to introduce other family members into the game this year.

Clarissa was elected statewide in 2018 with 50.8 thousand votes and, in 2022, elected federally with 240.5 thousand votes (2nd most voted in the state, behind André Ferreira). Her husband was elected councilor of Recife in 2020 with 12.2 thousand votes and, in 2022, elected at the state level with 183 thousand votes (1st place in Pernambuco).

Demonstration took place this Monday morning (1st) / Popular Youth Uprising/reproduction

Clarissa’s father is the evangelical pastor Francisco Tércio – who “lent his name” to the others. The family runs the church Assembly of God Ministério Novas de Paz, founded in 1997 inside a Military Police barracks in Jaboatão dos Guararapes.

Today the denomination has more than 150 temples in the state, almost 100 of which are in Jaboatão alone. They also have the radio concession where Rádio Novas de Paz has operated since 2014, denounced by the Public Ministry for spreading false information during the pandemic.

Editing: Vinícius Sobreira

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