Gal’s son’s girlfriend doesn’t need an inheritance, says defense – 04/03/2024 – Illustrated

Gal’s son’s girlfriend doesn’t need an inheritance, says defense – 04/03/2024 – Illustrated
Gal’s son’s girlfriend doesn’t need an inheritance, says defense – 04/03/2024 – Illustrated

Lawyer Luci Vieira Nunes, who works in the defense of Gabriel Costa Burgos, told UOL that the girlfriend of Gal Costa’s son “does not need the meager inheritance” left by the singer, who died in 2022. Wilma Petrillo, Gal’s widow, accuses the woman to manipulate the heir to keep the money.

“She doesn’t want to talk about her personal life,” Burgos’ lawyer told the outlet. “I met Gabriel’s girlfriend and I consider her an honest person and an invaluable support for him in this transition phase. Furthermore, she is a professionally successful person with financial resources. She doesn’t need Gabriel’s meager inheritance.”

In an interview with Sheet, Wilma Petrillo identified Burgos’ girlfriend as speech therapist Daniela Marcilio Tonani, almost 30 years older than him and the mother of his ex-girlfriend. The widow said that Gal Costa’s son was being influenced by his wife in the legal battle over the artist’s estate.

According to her, Burgos was dating a friend from school before Gal’s death. During a crisis between the couple, her mother, who Petrillo said was Tonani, approached the boy, stating that she had gone to the spiritist center and that the two were lovers in the past incarnation. Therefore, they would have started dating in September of last year.

“This Daniela is a horrible, terrifying, hideous, frightening woman,” said Petrillo. The widow also stated that Tonani is married and that her husband appeared at her house a few times swearing at Burgos.

The report tried to contact Tonani by phone since the beginning of this week, but received no response.

In an interview with Globo’s Fantástico, Burgos denied that he was manipulated by his partner. “I didn’t need anyone to influence me, to coerce me, to put me on a path, to put me against Wilma. I discovered a lot of things on my own,” he said.

According to Petrillo, he told Sheet, the boy left home to live with his girlfriend. “She wants to get me off the hook,” he said. She also added that Burgos is not the right person to know if she and Gal were in a relationship.

This is because the widow stated that she had made an agreement with Gal not to expose the relationship to the boy, because he was still very young. It wasn’t until she was ten, she said, that she told Burgos that she was married to Gal. “Gabriel didn’t know anything. He asked ‘what’s that like?’. And I replied ‘it’s the same when it happens between a man and a woman’.”

The legal dispute surrounding Gal Costa’s estate began when Petrillo asked for the inventory to be opened. At the time, she also asked for recognition of the stable union, which she maintained for almost 30 years with Gal, and provisional custody of Burgos, who was a minor at the time. The court accepted the requests, and Burgos signed a document recognizing the union.

Within a year, Burgos changed his mind. Two months ago, he went to court asking for the recognition of the stable union to be annulled. He thus questions the fraction of the inheritance claimed by the widow.

In a note published by Sheet In the interview with Petrillo, Burgos’s publicist said that Petrillo’s statements are false and defame the memory of one of Brazil’s greatest artists. “The exposure of personal issues in Gabriel’s life, unrelated to the facts of the case, to support a narrative that does not match reality or have relevance to the case at hand is also regrettable.”

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