Enzo Celulari appears giving food to his baby brother: “it’s handy”

Enzo Celulari appears giving food to his baby brother: “it’s handy”
Enzo Celulari appears giving food to his baby brother: “it’s handy”

The digital influencer and artist Enzo Celulari proved that it’s not enough to be a big brother, you have to participate! The boy is the actor’s son Claudia Raia It is Edson Celulari. The two were married for many years. But, after about two decades of marriage, they decided to go their separate ways.

Currently, celebrities are already in new relationships. In 2017, Edson Celulari walked down the aisle, in Italy, with actress Karin Roepke. From his second marriage he had his youngest daughter. The little one’s name is Chiara and she turned two years old.

Claudia Raia took on a new love during Carnival in 2012. At that time, the artist began dating the actor and dancer Jarbas Homem de Mello, his partner on stage. In 2018, they made their union official. Together they are parents to Luca who is only one year and one month old.

Claudia and Edson’s separation took everyone by surprise as the relationship was considered one of the most solid among artists. In addition to Enzo Celulari, 26 years old, the former couple is the father of Sophia Raia. The girl studies abroad and is 21 years old.

The older brothers became real owls when it came to the babies who arrived to complete the team so long later. They tend to be very involved in the lives of little ones and are present on special occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries.

That’s exactly what happened this Easter. Luca was with his parents at home when he received a visit from his older brother, Enzo Celulari. “HAPPY EASTER! May Christ be reborn in our hearts, making us more generous, empathetic and loving!”, wrote Jarbas when posing with the baby and his wife.

To give the parents a helping hand, Enzo appeared to help feed the little boy. “Feeding the little one… a blessed Easter to everyone”, captioned the boy. A page shared the click and internet users left many messages. “Too beautiful”, admired a follower. Another assured: “It works.” And yet another joked: “When will yours arrive?”

Luca, youngest daughter of Claudia Raia, with her older brother, Enzo Celulari
Enzo Celulari giving food to Luca, Claudia Raia’s youngest

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