Alexandre Correa makes a fuss on TV after being asked about aggression: ‘I raised the tone so the girl could take her place’


Alexandre Correa, Ana Hickmann’s ex-husband, was involved in a controversy while participating in the program “Ronda do Povão”, on TV Meio Norte, a local broadcaster in Teresina. The businessman, who has already sued several television channels, lost patience with journalist Suyane Pessoa’s question.

Suyane, who has also experienced a controversy with Andressa Urach, began the question by remembering the accusation of aggression made by Ana on November 11, 2023. “The impression I have is that you always place yourself as a victim of the story, whereas the victim is Ana, who underwent tests that proved domestic violence. I would like to know why you never came out to apologize and where do you intend to go, all the time in the media talking about this issue”, he said.

Then, the journalist concludes the question to Alexandre with a provocation related to the ex-couple’s son, who is just 10 years old. “In relation to Alezinho, you always speak like a real big daddy and you don’t want him to have relations with Edu Guedes. This is the example you think is correct for your son, of a man who has already beaten his wife in front of him, who Have you ever called your mother an alcoholic to the whole of Brazil? Is this an example you think is correct?”, he prodded.

Alexandre then lost his patience and responded more harshly to the journalist. “Your colleague is very misinformed. I didn’t hit Ana Hickmann [Alexandre é acusado de ameaçar a ex com cabeçadas e de pressionar o braço dela contra uma porta]. She, again, is being frivolous. I’m going to ignore this nonsense she said so we can stay cool here”, she began.

Alexandre says he is the victim of premeditation. He also again accused his ex and her current boyfriend, Edu Guedes, of attempting to break a protective measure. “It’s very good for this girl to know and have on her conscience that I won’t allow it, as far as Justice will help me with this, I don’t want my son living with those who tried to arrest me”, he concluded.


On social media, shortly after the interview, Alexandre did not stop making controversial statements against Suyane, whom he compared to journalist Leo Dias.

“The interview is over. Difficult. The last question from Erlan’s colleague, she made four accusations in the question and was in line with Léo Dias, of accusing without having the delicacy of looking at the facts. She called me an aggressor, accused me of parental alienation , and I needed to raise my tone so that the girl could take her place. But that’s life. I came, not to be treated with affection, but to be accused and questioned. To tell my truth”, he says.

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