NEW changes to the FGTS: total withdrawal and your financial freedom!

NEW changes to the FGTS: total withdrawal and your financial freedom!
NEW changes to the FGTS: total withdrawal and your financial freedom!

A novelty in the Brazilian economic scenario has been causing great expectations among millions of workers: the proposal to allow total withdrawal of the balance of the Length of Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS).

This measure, still under discussion by the government, promises to be a revolution in the way Brazilians deal with their finances, providing unprecedented financial freedom. But what does this really mean and how can it benefit you? Let’s explore the details.

What is the impact of withdrawing the FGTS?

If approved, the proposal to completely withdraw the FGTS represents a potential transformation in the economy and the financial lives of Brazilian workers. Currently, access to FGTS resources is restricted and is only permitted under specific conditions, limiting workers’ freedom over the use of these funds. The new measure, however, aims to provide a new level of security and financial autonomy for around 7.2 million of unemployed workers, in addition to injecting approximately R$22 billion in the national economy.

What are the advantages of this method?

By enabling unrestricted withdrawal from the FGTS, workers will gain significant decision-making power over the use of their own resources. Whether it is to face a financial emergency, invest in education, purchase your own home or even start your own business, the flexibility offered by the measure is a step towards individual autonomy and financial security.

Without the need to wait for specific circumstances to access their funds, workers will have an important ally to realize their dreams and life projects.

How to check your FGTS?

The procedure for checking the balance and withdrawing the FGTS is simple and accessible, aiming to facilitate workers’ access to their resources. With the FGTS app, available for both Android and iOS, workers can quickly check their balance and make withdrawals. Furthermore, Caixa Econômica Federal branches and self-service points are available for those who prefer in-person service, always ensuring easy access to FGTS resources.

Under what conditions can you withdraw the FGTS?

  • Dismissal without just cause.
  • Birthday withdrawal method.
  • Termination of contract for a fixed period.
  • Termination of contract by mutual agreement.
  • Retirement and reaching old age (70 years or more).
  • Death of the worker and other specific situations.

With the prospect of unrestricted access to the FGTS balance, Brazilian workers have before them the promise of greater financial flexibility and security. It is essential to be informed about your rights and follow the developments of this proposal, which could represent a milestone in Brazilians’ relationship with the FGTS and their personal finances.

Also find out about the future FGTS

The Ministry of Cities presented four simulations of the use of FGTS Futuro by a family with an income of up to R$ 2,640 who acquires a property in My home, my life, committing 25% of the income (R$ 660) with the benefits. With FGTS Futuro, this family will be able to finance a property with an installment of R$792, committing 30% of the income, which generates ancillary financing of R$132.

There are four possible scenarios for using FGTS Futuro:

  1. Use of the extra R$132 to pay off the installments of the accessory financing, with the possibility of future deposits to amortize the outstanding balance.
  2. Use of R$132 in future deposits to pay the accessory financing, keeping family income constant throughout the financing.
  3. Incorporation of the difference between future deposits and R$132 into the total deposit debt, if family income temporarily falls below two minimum wages.
  4. Monthly incorporation of R$ 132 in installments to the outstanding balance for up to six months in case of dismissal of the worker and absence of monthly deposit in the FGTS.

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