Cemig will sell a PHC and three hydroelectric plants – Capitalist

Cemig will sell a PHC and three hydroelectric plants – Capitalist
Cemig will sell a PHC and three hydroelectric plants – Capitalist

Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais – CEMIG (CMIG3) published yesterday the notice for holding an in-person public auction, to be conducted by B3 (B3SA3). This auction aims at the Onerous Transfer of the Right to Exploration of Electricity Generation Services of 04 Small Hydroelectric Plants (PCHs) and Hydroelectric Power Plants (UHEs), 01 of which are CEMIG GT’s PCH and 03 UHEs of its wholly-owned subsidiaries:

  • Cemig Geração Leste SA,
  • Cemig Geração Oeste SA and
  • Cemig Geração Sul SA

The minimum value for a single lot of plants is R$29.1 million, and the auction is scheduled to take place on July 3, 2023.

“This sale is in line with Cemig’s strategic planning guidelines, which aim to optimize the asset portfolio, aiming to improve operational efficiency and capital allocation,” he informed.


Cemig was founded in 1952 and is one of the largest companies in the electrical sector in the country and one of the main electrical energy concessionaires in Brazil.

The company operates in several areas of the electrical sector, including generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of electrical energy. CEMIG operates hydroelectric, thermal and wind power plants, in addition to having an extensive electrical energy transmission and distribution network in Minas Gerais and other states in Brazil.

In addition to activities related to energy generation and distribution, CEMIG is also involved in research and development projects for technologies aimed at the electricity sector, as well as in social responsibility and sustainability initiatives.

As it is a publicly traded company, CEMIG shares are traded on the Stock Exchange, providing investment opportunities for shareholders and investors interested in the electricity sector.


Cemig is scheduling a workshop for next Thursday, April 4th, with the aim of presenting the Public Call for Energy Efficiency Projects 2024.

Customers and Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) will have the opportunity to ask questions during the event. Broadcast on the company’s YouTube channel from 3pm, the workshop seeks to make the process more transparent and encourage proposals that meet the criteria for approval.

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