MXRF11, CPTS11 and RBRR11 are the highlights of Bom Dia FIIs (01/04)


The MXRF11, CPTS11 and RBRR11 funds are the highlights of Bom Dia FIIs on 01/04

MXRF11, CPTS11 and RBRR11 are the highlights of Bom Dia FIIs (01/04). Photo: Unsplash

João Vitor Jacintho

  • 04/01/2024 at 7:30
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Updated on: 03/31/2024 at 19:38

IFIX, the main real estate fund index on the Brazilian Stock Exchange, closed Thursday’s session (28) up 0.38%, at 3,408.15 points, accumulating a positive performance of 1.43% in March and 2 .92% in 2024 to date. Among the funds highlighted today (1st) are MXRF11CPTS11 and RBRR11.

In summary, MXRF11 and 177 other FIIs announced dividends for the month of April, the CPTS11 published a result of R$ 25.99 million and the RBRR11 paid R$12.648 million in dividends.

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MXRF11 and 177 other FIIs announce dividends for April

O MXRF11 real estate fund and another 177 FIIs have already announced dividends to be distributed in April. In the case of Maxi Renda, the payment will be R$0.10 per share, which represents a monthly dividend yield (DY) of 0.95%. The distribution will be made on April 12, 2024, but only to investors purchased in the FII until March 28, 2024.

The IFIX FIIs that will pay dividends this coming week are: ARRI11 (R$ 0.10), GARE11 (R$ 0.087), HSAF11 (R$ 1.00), HSML11 (R$ 0.80), HTMX11 (R $1.6617), LVBI11 (BRL 0.90), PORD11 (BRL 0.93), PVBI11 (BRL 0.65), RZTR11 (BRL 0.90) and VGHF11 (BRL 0.08) .

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CPTS11 publishes results of R$ 25.99 million

O real estate fund CPTS11 recorded a result of R$25.991 million in February, above the R$22.586 million recorded in January, according to data from the new FII management report. Revenue for the month totaled R$31.286 million.

From this profit, CPTS11’s dividends were almost R$24.155 million, which corresponds to R$0.076 per share. This amount represents 130.85% of the CDI, while the accumulated distribution over the last 12 months is R$0.88 per share, compared to an equivalent yield of R$0.85 from the CDI in the same period.

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RBRR11 pays R$12.648 million in dividends

O real estate fund RBRR11 recorded a final result of R$15.111 million in February, surpassing the January result, which was R$9.36 million. This profit was obtained from revenues totaling R$16.274 million and expenses of approximately R$1.165 million.

RBRR11 dividends were R$12.648 million, equivalent to R$0.84 per share. This amount represents an annualized dividend yield of 11.79%, while the adjusted profitability is IPCA+10.24% per year. At the end of the month, the FII had R$0.17 per accumulated reserve share.

Thus, from MXRF11 to RBRR11, these are the main highlights of Bom Dia FIIs this Monday (1st).

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