Israel arrests sister of top Hamas leader

Israel arrests sister of top Hamas leader
Israel arrests sister of top Hamas leader

This Monday, the 1st, Israeli security forces arrested the sister of Ismail Haniyeh, the main leader of Hamas, in Tel Sheva, a city located in southern Israel.

Zebah Abdel Salem Haniyeh, 57, is accused of having ties to Hamas and involvement in incitement and support for terrorism, according to the The Jerusalem Post.

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Zebah was detained during searches of the residential complex linked to Haniyeh. Security forces allegedly found documents, telephones and other evidence indicating her participation in serious security crimes, according to the newspaper.

Ismail is currently sheltered in Qatar, under the auspices of the local monarchy.

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The operation was called Early Dawn and conducted through a multi-department effort. In addition to the police, members of the Shin Bet (security service), the Israel Defense Army (IDF) and the Israeli police air unit also participated.

Extension of Ismail Haniyeh’s sister’s arrest

In a statement, police said that Zebah Haniyeh will be taken to the Beersheba Magistrate’s Court later this Monday, when an extension of his detention will be requested.

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Southern District Superintendent Amir Cohen, commenting on the operation, stressed that no effort would be spared in the war against terrorism and that all available resources would be used to guarantee the peace and security of Israeli citizens.

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