Flower crown swings alone at wake and scares family; see video

Flower crown swings alone at wake and scares family; see video
Flower crown swings alone at wake and scares family; see video

Records made by people who were at a wake in the Dominican Republic went viral on the internet this Sunday (March 31). The images show the moment when a wreath of flowers begins to swing on its own, during the funeral, while the others, which are next to it, remain still.

Friends and family of the person being mourned are desperate about the situation during the farewell. Some relatives appear crying and screaming while others take the opportunity to record the unusual event.

A supposed niece of the deceased, present at the wake, even raises the hypothesis that her aunt was trying to communicate:

Thank you, aunt, for speaking out. We love you. Are you happy! Thanks!,” the person says.

Another hypothesis:

Another argument made on the internet is that the wreath would be moving due to possible winds in the area. However, what draws attention is that other objects that appear in the scene, such as chairs, tables, ceilings and even other flower crowns, are immobile.

Internet users echoed the scene:

“I’m a Ubandist, I speak with spirits from over 100 years ago. But I would run a lot!”, commented a follower on the X network (formerly Twitter).

Another internet user wrote: “This story gave me goosebumps. Surreal!”

See video:

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