Pitel on friendship with Buddha on ‘BBB 24’: ‘We never went beyond the limit’

Pitel on friendship with Buddha on ‘BBB 24’: ‘We never went beyond the limit’
Pitel on friendship with Buddha on ‘BBB 24’: ‘We never went beyond the limit’
Photo: Reproduction/Globo – 04/03/2024

Pitel spoke about his relationship with Lucas Buda on ‘BBB 24’

Pitel spoke of his friendship with Lucas Buda on “BBB 24”, in a conversation with Ana Maria Braga this Wednesday morning (3). The social worker defended that she and the professor “never crossed the line” as friends and commented on the brother’s controversy with his wife, Camila Moura, who ended their marriage due to their closeness on the reality show.

The analysis in “Mais Você” took place after the eliminated woman watched a video in which Buddha appears staring at her in a dance with Giovanna. “No kissing […] At this party, I really went a little over the alcohol limit. I remember very little about this party, I don’t remember those moments, really, almost nothing. It was a very big complaint of mine the other day. At her other party, there was also the same drink and I said: ‘No, I’m not going to drink it'”, she declared.

“I want to be aware of my actions, I’m glad nothing happened. Because we never went beyond the limit of friendship. In relation to me, it was always a feeling of friendship and admiration for him. And I hope that’s all,” he added. Pitel was also questioned about the open relationship she has had with her partner, Wesley, for 10 years.

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“That [relação aberta] It was about me, it wasn’t about him [Lucas]. The limits with him, I always understood […] I’ve already found Wesley and we’re fine. He’s an amazing guy […] The intention is to get married [com Wesley], reorganize our priorities. It’s another moment in our lives, let’s see what will be done”, he pointed out.

When asked about the separation announced by Camila Moura, the ex-sister reinforced her friendship with Buda and assessed that the issue needs to be resolved between the two. “I admire him so much, regardless of anything. […] My feelings have always been one of great friendship and admiration. This situation between the two of them is just not up to me”, he highlighted.

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