Pitel wins over Ana Maria, blasts Beatriz and talks about the Buda case!

Pitel wins over Ana Maria, blasts Beatriz and talks about the Buda case!
Pitel wins over Ana Maria, blasts Beatriz and talks about the Buda case!

Giovanna Pitel was eliminated from BBB 24 in the last wall, which took place on April 2, with 82% of votes to leave. The woman from Alagoas had breakfast with Ana Maria Braga and told her everything about her time at the house.

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In addition to being one of the last surviving Gnomes, she talked about the game, votes and, of course, her friendship with Fernanda, in addition to the controversy between Buda and Camila Moura. Pitel won over the presenter with his humble, shy manner and positions on the game, which is already in the final stretch.

Regarding her great friendship with Rodriguinho, she saw the moment when she met him again and defined her feelings for him:

“Grumpy as he is! He was too grumpy. He didn’t get angry because he recognized himself. He’s someone incredible. I approached him genuinely. He is an incredible, talented guy, a wonderful father and I shared great moments with him.”

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Passage at BBB

Regarding her time in the BBB 24 house, she was categorical and said that she did everything according to her feelings and intuition:

“I didn’t get any further because I didn’t make it to the final. I positioned myself, did what I thought was necessary to protect myself. I did everything according to what I felt.”

When talking about her family, she got emotional and said that she has a very clear goal of getting her own home for her mother:

“I avoided talking about my family, they didn’t choose to be here. I want to fight for my mother’s own house. I just want the basics: health, education, housing.”

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The harsh reality

By exposing her vulnerabilities, Pitel demonstrated how difficult life can be in many ways, being the second daughter of seven children and the only one with education:

“When we leave home, we think about the prize and how it would change our reality. Out here, I’m trying to fight, with whatever I have, to achieve my goals.”

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Her surname could be warrior, after all, she has fought for a better life since she was 13 years old and said that, although she doesn’t know the direction of her studies, she wants to focus on that part:

“I worked from a very early age, when I was 13 years old. It’s all very tight when you come from a vulnerable situation. This prevents you from focusing on other things. I hope that this opportunity I have now gives me a new lease of life, so that I can focus on my studies.”

Your biggest rival: Beatriz!

Entering her clashes, her biggest rival was, in fact, Beatriz. She maintained her position, reviewed some scenes of the fights and declared that, in the game, she is the most ‘vet’ and opportunistic:

“Ana Maria… One of the things I pointed out: is debauchery. She is childish. I preferred to just ignore it. She likes the clash, because it’s the certainty that the camera is on you. That’s my perspective on it. She doesn’t like being punctuated.”

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Buddha case

Regarding Buddha’s case, she repeated the admiration she feels for Lucas and also made it very clear that, on her part, it is friendship, but she also wanted people to see him as she saw him:

“That will only be up to the two of them. Get me out of this, for the love of God. I admire him a lot, regardless of what happened. I hope people see potential in it. I admire it so much. I think this situation he needs to resolve with her. My feelings have always been friendship and admiration.”

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At that controversial party, where she danced and he hid on the sofa, she said she ended up drinking a little more, but was relieved that nothing more happened:

“I was just dancing with Giovanna. But, this was about me, not him (Buddha). I remember very little about this party, I went overboard with drinking. I want to be aware of my actions, because we never cross this threshold of friendship.”

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I couldn’t miss ‘Pitanda’! His friendship with Fernanda was the stage for great moments, both for play and for feelings. She revealed when the two connected and spoke with great affection about her friend:

“It was a very genuine thing. On the first day of the house, there was a dispute over the Fairy Room. Then Fernanda and I went to the Floresta Room (Gnomes). And there, on the first night, we slept together and woke up together, connected and ‘went away’!”

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Hair transition

4 years ago, Pitel made a hair transition and told everything about the process to reconnect with himself:

“I didn’t recognize myself. I’ve been straightening hair since I was young, and I haven’t stopped since. When I became of age, I used formaldehyde… it was hard work. One day the internet joined this movement and then I looked at myself and wanted to know what my hair type was. I cut it short and it grew and I started to recognize myself. He’s beautiful!”.

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The red cap, which even became a Carnival costume, is used to reduce frizz in the hair. She thanked him and was very happy, recommending that everyone with curly hair use it too.

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