‘BBB 24’ poll; vote for who you want to emerge between David and MC Bin Laden

‘BBB 24’ poll; vote for who you want to emerge between David and MC Bin Laden
‘BBB 24’ poll; vote for who you want to emerge between David and MC Bin Laden

Another wall is formed in “Big Brother Brasil 24”. This time, the pair are Davi and MC Bin Laden in the first double spotlight of the season. The person most voted by the public leaves the competition next Thursday. In the turbo mode of this final stretch, three participants per week will be eliminated from the program.

See how this 17th wall was formed

After winning the leader’s test, Lucas Buda nominated Davi to the wall. The house then took an open vote. See the order in which the votes occurred, which was defined by draw.

  1. MC Bin Laden voted for Matteus
  2. Matteus voted for MC Bin Laden
  3. David voted for MC Bin Laden
  4. Bia voted for MC Bin Laden
  5. Isabelle voted for MC Bin Laden
  6. Giovanna voted for Matteus
  7. Alane voted for MC Bin Laden

As a result, MC Bin Laden was also walled up.

‘BBB 24’: single vote or fan vote?

This year, to vote for “Big Brother Brasil”, there are two voting methods on the program’s official website: the fans’ vote and the single vote.

In the single vote, the person can vote only once per wall (only one vote per CPF is allowed in this modality). The fan vote works in the same way as we already know, as in recent editions: the person can vote as many times as they want.

For the wall decision, each voting model (fan vote and single vote) will have a weight of 50% and the final result will be the weighted average of the two formats.

How to vote for ‘BBB 24’

In both voting options, you must have a Globo account (see below how to create one). Registration is simple and free. When accessing the program’s website, on Gshow, the user must log in with their Globo account before voting on the wall.

In the voting area, choose whether you want to cast your single vote or the crowd vote. So, choose who you want to eliminate. Validate your vote using captcha and confirm it afterwards. If you chose the single vote, you will only be able to vote once, with your vote linked to your CPF. If you chose to vote for the fans, you can vote as many times as you want by clicking “vote again”.

How to create a Globo account to vote on the ‘BBB’ wall

  • Enter the link in your browser: minhaconta.globo.com. Registration is free and can also be done with your Google or Facebook account.
  • If this is your first registration, you will receive an email confirming and activating your Globo account.
  • The next step is to register a phone number. You will receive an SMS with a confirmation code to validate your account.
  • Then enter your details, as the account is individual. And ready! You can now vote for “Big Brother Brasil”!

The poll on the EXTRA website has no influence on the direction of the ‘BBB’ game. The official vote, which decides the walls and other disputes, takes place on the reality show’s website, at gshow.com/bbb.

The article is in Portuguese

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