Davi x MC Bin Laden; who should leave?


O “BBB 24” formed this Tuesday night (02/04), the 17th Paredão of the season. After completing the week’s dynamics David and MC Bin Laden are in the spotlight.

Firstly, Pitel was eliminated in the previous Paredão, with 82% of the public votes. With that, Beatriz and Alane continued in the game. Then, the Leader’s Test was held, which required luck to get the highest number of points.

Thus, Lucas, Matteus and Davi added more points and went to the second phase. In it, whoever sat in the right sponsor chair would become the Leader. And the one who came out on top was Lucas Henrique.

Already in the formation of Paredão, Buda nominated Davi straight for elimination, consolidating a rivalry between them since the beginning of the game. With five votes, MC Bin Laden completed double elimination.

MC Bin Laden – Voted for Matteus

Matteus – Voted for MC Bin Laden

Davi – MC Bin Laden

Beatriz – MC Bin Laden

Isabelle – MC Bin Laden

Giovanna – Matteus

Alane – MC Bin Laden

BBB Poll 24: Davi x MC Bin Laden; who will leave?

BBB 24 (Credits: TV Globo)

In between David and MC Bin Laden who do you want to be 17th eliminated from the Globo reality show? Vote below in the poll All Channel and help to get a sense of the desire of the majority of the public watching the attraction.

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