3 mistakes from Elas por Elas that will be marked forever


They for Them comes to an end at six o’clock on Globo as tradition dictates: mysteries solved, happy outcomes for the good guys and punishments for the villains. The authors do not intend to disappoint viewers.

Valentina Herszage and Castorine play Lara’s two daughters in Elas por Elas

But pleasing everyone is not possible. So much so that Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson must disappoint the public with unforgivable mistakes at the end of the plot. These are mistakes that will be marked forever.

Find out what the three most wrong outcomes of Elas por Elas are:

Yeda’s trajectory

In the first version of Elas por Elas, written by Cassiano Gabus Mendes in 1982, Ieda was one of the most popular characters. Cristina Pereira lived the type, who was constantly ridiculed because of her appearance.

It would be impossible to keep Ieda the way she was initially conceived, as jokes about someone’s appearance don’t go over well these days. Therefore, the authors of the reinterpretation transformed Yeda into a more sunny and well-rounded character with her own appearance.

Played by Castorine, a talented, charismatic actress with a pronounced comedic streak, the new Yeda had fun moments. However, this time, Yeda didn’t steal the show. She lacked some “spice” in the trajectory of Lara’s daughter (Deborah Secco) to try to repeat the character’s success in the first version of the soap opera.

Renee’s ending

Wagner (César Mello) and Renée (Maria Clara Spinelli) in Elas por Elas (publicity/Globo)

The most suffering of the seven protagonists of Elas por Elas, Renée (Maria Clara Spinelli) made a 360º turn throughout the soap opera: in other words, she returned to the starting point. The character’s path of struggle and resignation was successful, but the outcome could have been better thought out.

After suffering so much, Renée must finish the soap opera alongside her children, her husband Wagner (César Melo) and running her own business, exactly as she was at the beginning of the plot. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if the character’s evolution were even more compelling?

The worst of all is that she resumes her marriage with Wagner, who abandoned her and was largely responsible for all the misfortunes that happened in her life. Renée, hard-working and with a great character, deserved to have someone better than him by her side.

Sergio’s Redemption

There is no doubt that Sérgio (Marcos Caruso) is the great villain of Elas por Elas. He was responsible for the main dramas of the plot, and he was the one who raised Helena (Isabel Teixeira) very badly, turning her into the vixen that she is.

For this reason, it is difficult to imagine that such a vile figure could redeem himself. But that’s exactly what will happen. In the last chapters of the soap opera, Sérgio will be moved after feeling ill and being supported by his grandson Marcos (Luan Argollo) – who he “discarded” in the maternity ward – and Ísis (Rayssa Bratillieri).

After that, he will save Marcos’ life when Helena shoots her own son. When he dies in his grandson’s place, Sérgio will be exalted by the other characters, who will value the scoundrel’s repentance. Serious? Will they forget all the evil he did?

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