Cininha de Paula blasts Beatriz, from BBB 24: ‘She has a problem’

Cininha de Paula blasts Beatriz, from BBB 24: ‘She has a problem’
Cininha de Paula blasts Beatriz, from BBB 24: ‘She has a problem’

Looks like Beatrice He didn’t win over everyone with his contagious joy! Using her TikTok, the director Paula’s Cininha detonated the sister and her exuberant way, on April 2nd.

Through the short video platform, the director of Sai de Baixo was impressed by her energy and ended up coming down on fire and having speeches considered ableist.

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At one point she said that ‘she is not normal’ and even said that she is ‘manic’. At another point, Cininha said that he thought she was ‘stuck, sick’.

“I was here watching “BBB” just now, before going to sleep. This Beatriz has a problem, right? She’s not normal, she’s what we call a maniac, she looks like she’s stuck, sick.”, she said, making some gestures and imitating Bia.

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Finally, finishing giving her view of Bia do Brás, she said that the girl seems ‘unbalanced’ and questioned whether no professional understands that she is ‘freaked out’.

Regarding joy, Cininha said that she doesn’t see the feeling in her and, yes, she is a ‘maniac’. She finished by saying she was shocked:

“What an unbalanced thing, damn, don’t psychiatrists see this? That she’s crazy? That’s not joy, she’s manic, Jesus Christ, she’s something, ours. I’m exhausted.”

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