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Recording for the final season of Stranger Things began in January this year and there is still no release date scheduled.

Known worldwide as one of Netflix’s greatest original hits, Stranger Things arrives in its fifth and final season. However, although recording for the season began in January this year, the production has not yet announced a premiere date, leaving fans anxious.

Running for 8 years since the first episode in 2016, the series created by The Duffer Brothers won over streaming subscribers, causing the production to escape cancellation by Netflix, also affectionately known as The Series Reaper.

Initially, the fifth season of Stranger Things was expected for 2024 after the sequence was announced in the 2023 edition of Tudum. However, with the Hollywood actors and screenwriters’ strike, the recording of the series, as well as numerous other productions, was postponed, causing the release date to be extended and with no expected date.

According to the news portal, Forbes, even with recordings taking place since the beginning of January, the entire process could take around a year to complete. As a result, the fifth and final season of Stranger Things will only be ready in 2025, if there are no new setbacks.

Enter the upside-down world of Stranger Things

Stranger Things: Roots of Evil, Gwenda Bond


In the 1960s, the United States is going through profound political and social changes, and Terry Ives, a student from a small town in Indiana, finds himself apart of the events.

Tired of being a mere spectator of the changes around her, she sees her big chance to make history by volunteering to participate in a top-secret government project called MKULTRA, carried out in Hawkins’ laboratory.

Stranger Things: Dark City, Adam Christopher


In Hawkins, during Christmas 1984, he can barely contain his joy. It’s his first family celebration with Eleven, his chance to enjoy moments of tranquility with his adopted daughter. But the girl has other plans.

Against Hopper’s wishes, she searches through a box that says “New York.” That’s where the questions begin. Why did Hopper leave Hawkins years ago? Why didn’t he ever tell you about New York? What is he hiding?

Stranger Things: The Flight of Icarus, Caitlin Schneiderhan


Having suffered the consequences of his family’s terrible reputation, Eddie did not imagine that, from one moment to the next, he would receive the chance to change his life and that of his friends. In 1984, at a club where he plays with the band, he meets Paige Warner, a beautiful talent scout for a record company in Los Angeles who sees in Corroded Coffin exactly what she was looking for.

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