Evil character sets out to destroy Venus in Family and Everything


Venus (Nathalia Dill) will continue to be in Brenda’s (Alexandra Richter) sights in the next chapters of Family is everything. She will be the target of a new strategy from her mother-in-law to try to keep her away from Tom (Renato Góes).

Nathalia Dill in Family is Everything

In Daniel Ortiz’s plot, the advertiser reconnected with his teenage love since the two met again by chance. But, just like in the past, the two have not had an easy life.

As soon as she found out about the rapprochement, Brenda tried to plot against the lovebirds with the help of Paulina (Lucy Ramos), Tom’s ex-wife. The two got into trouble again, but with a new plan frustrated, the veteran decided to follow another path .

Venus is attacked

Brenda’s first act will take place after Tom invites his girlfriend to dinner at his house. Paulina will then decide to manipulate her children to mistreat her rival, turning the children’s minds against Venus.

Laurinha (Sophia Rosa) and Pudim (Antônio Caramelo) will offend Vênus by remembering the day she was arrested, which will irritate Tom. Meanwhile, Paulina will also embarrass her competitor. Even Brenda won’t make a point of treating her very well.

Frida’s granddaughter (Arlete Salles) will leave the place shaken by the insults she suffered during dinner. However, not even that will make her give up on the love she feels for the advertiser and the two will continue to be together.

Brenda decides to get closer to Venus

Alexandra Richter as Brenda in Família é Tudo (publicity/Globo)

Tom will scold his children the most and will have a conversation with them both so that they treat Venus well. After that, Laurinha and Pudim will decide to give their father’s new lover a new chance.

The girl will then inform her mother about her and her brother’s decision to accept the girl. Paulina will be enraged when she sees the plan going wrong and her children leaving for the other side.

It will be then that the outbreak will hear a new strategy from Brenda. She will like it when she hears her ex-mother-in-law saying that she will try to get closer to Venus, so she can set up against her by pretending to be good.

In scenes that will air from April 6th, Brenda will meet the girl, who will be disturbed by the insinuations that the redhead will make about Tom. Meanwhile, Marieta (Cristina Pereira) will tell the young girl that she is uncomfortable with Tom’s mother.

What is the connection between Venus and Brenda in Family and Everything?

In Daniel Ortiz’s plot, the past unites Brenda and Vênus. This is because the woman had an affair with Pedro Mancini (Paulo Tiefenthaler) many years ago and it ended very badly.

After the unresolved situation, Vênus’ father died in an accident that was actually a murder. And Tom’s mother’s ex-husband became the main suspect.

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