Robinho’s lawyer is Pedrinho, victim of a historic kidnapping and who inspired the soap opera ‘Senhora do Destino’


RIO DE JANEIRO, RJ (FOLHAPRESS) – Former football player Robson de Souza, known as Robinho, has a defense team of six lawyers. The group, which belongs to the Alckmin Advogados firm, is working to review his sentence to nine years in prison in Brazil for a gang rape in Italy in 2013, and one of the professionals is called “Doctor Pedrinho” by his colleagues.

Pedro Júnior Rosalino’s nickname has to do with his story. He is the baby who was kidnapped shortly after giving birth in 1986, in Brasília, and his family’s drama served as one of the inspirations for the soap opera “Senhora do Destino”, by Aguinaldo Silva, shown on Globo in 2004. In the plot, Maria do Carmo (Susana Vieira) has been searching for her daughter Maria Lindalva (Carolina Dieckmann), who was stolen as a child, for years. As an adult, she is found as Isabel, raised by the villain Nazaré Tedesco (Renata Sorrah).

Pedrinho was born on January 20, 1986, and hours later he was taken from the arms of his mother Maria Auxiliadora Rosalino by a woman who introduced herself as a social worker at Hospital Santa Lúcia, in Asa Sul of Brasília. She was Vilma Martins Costa, who kidnapped the baby to raise as her son and named him Osvaldo Borges Júnior.

In 2002, a DNA test confirmed that the boy was the son of Maria Auxiliadora and Jairo Braule Pinto after a relative of Vilma suspected that the teenager was the baby kidnapped 16 years ago. Vilma even denied the crime, but later confessed and, at the time, received 15 years in prison, as investigators also discovered that she raised a girl taken from another couple as a baby, in 1979.

In July 2003, the boy moved to his biological parents’ house and adopted the name Pedro Júnior Rosalino Braule Pinto. Today, at 38 years old, he is a lawyer graduated from the Centro Universitário de Brasília (UniCeub), married and father of two children. The report contacted Alckmin Advogados to comment on the case, but received no response.


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