5 soap operas that failed and had the worst ratings – Meu Valor Digital

5 soap operas that failed and had the worst ratings – Meu Valor Digital
5 soap operas that failed and had the worst ratings – Meu Valor Digital

Brazilian soap operas are known for their resounding successes, however, not all stories manage to win over the public and guarantee the much-desired top ratings. Between inconsistent plots, planning errors and even bad luck, some productions stood out negatively, leaving marks in the history of television.

1. Family (2014)

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Written by Manoel Carlos, the soap opera “Em Família” promised a triumphant return for the author to prime time. However, the plot full of poorly developed love triangles and apathetic characters did not excite the public. The lack of chemistry between the protagonists and the repetition of well-worn formulas culminated in a poor audience rating, considered the worst in the nine o’clock range in more than 20 years.

2. My Little Piece of Ground (2014)

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Adaptation of the 1971 work of the same name by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the soap opera relied on a bucolic atmosphere and caricatured characters to win over the public. Despite the impeccable aesthetics and the talented cast, the plot proved slow and repetitive, alienating viewers who were looking for something more dynamic. The low audience resulted in the 2014 version of “Meu Pedacinho de Chão” being shortened, which had its finale brought forward by two weeks.

3. Geração Brasil (2012)

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With the promise of addressing innovative themes such as the internet and the virtual world, “Geração Brasil” got lost in exaggerated humor and stereotypical characters. The confusing plot and fast pace made it difficult for the public to identify, who gradually abandoned the production. The low audience culminated in several changes in the story of Filipe Miguez and Izabel de Oliveira, including the change of authors and the entry of new characters, but nothing was enough to reverse the negative situation.

4. The Rebu (2014)

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“O Rebu” is a remake of the 1974 soap opera of the same name, which relied on an engaging thriller and a strong cast to win over the public. However, the complex plot and fragmented narrative made it difficult to understand the story, which became increasingly hermetic and distant from the public. Low ratings and negative reviews resulted in an early ending, leaving the feeling of an ambitious project that never came to fruition.

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5. Boogie Oogie (2015)

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“Boogie Oogie” was a soap opera set in the 70s, betting on a retro aesthetic and light humor to win over the public. Despite the creative setting and the charismatic cast, the plot proved inconsistent and the characters did not develop satisfactorily. The lack of a strong guiding thread and the repetition of comical situations resulted in a gradual decline in viewership, culminating in a melancholy end to the production.

marked the debut of Portuguese author Rui Vilhena in Brazil. The plot had one of the worst ratings in the 7 pm slot.

These five soap operas serve as examples that, even with large investments and talented casts, success on television is not a magic formula. It takes a combination of several factors, such as an engaging plot, well-constructed characters and rapport with the public, for a soap opera to become a true success.

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