see 18 iconic hairstyles that Ana Maria Braga once had and you didn’t remember

see 18 iconic hairstyles that Ana Maria Braga once had and you didn’t remember
see 18 iconic hairstyles that Ana Maria Braga once had and you didn’t remember

Ana Maria Braga turns 75: presenter collects iconic hair on ‘Mais Você’. See a selection of the most different ones!

Photo: Reproduction, TV Globo, Divulgação/TV Globo and Instagram / Purepeople

Ana Maria Braga is turning 75 years old! The presenter, over decades of career in TV Globo made history with a series of remarkable events, memes, looks and a beautiful story of life and battle against cancer.

One of Ana Maria Braga’s trademarks is her somewhat unpredictable hair. ‘Mais Você’ has seen colorful laces, frizz, dreads and even costumes of icons such as Madonnawho will sing in Brazil soon, and even Cruella de Vil.

Always iconic, Ana Maria Braga has a hint of boldness in her veins that is sometimes lacking in entertainment programs on Brazilian TV. With her unfiltered style and unique charisma, the presenter’s varied hairstyles are the icing on the cake of every morning she spends with her audience.

And of course these iconic moments must be immortalized, just like the story of ‘Namaria’. Therefore, we have separated in the gallery of this article 18 photos of some hair already worn by Ana Maria Braga that you certainly didn’t remember. Get ready for nostalgia!

Ana Maria Braga has an exemplary battle against cancer

It may seem like a lie or even surprise a lot of people, but Ana Maria Braga has already beaten cancer 5 times. Always positive in every aspect of her life, the presenter said, in some interviews, that her mental health and optimism were the key to her healing.

“In cases of physical problems, not just cancer, you depend a lot on your head, on the quality of your thinking. It can’t be from mouth to mouth…

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