Pitel must be eliminated with a possible record in BBB 24. Understand!


Shortly after Fernanda’s elimination from BBB 24, where she emerged with 57.09% of the votes, the program quickly formed a new wall in Turbo Mode. Now, new participants compete for the public’s attention and votes. They are: Alane, Beatriz and Giovanna Pitel.

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The first was Paredão as a result of the Leader’s Test, while the second was due to the direct indication of Leader Giovanna. Finally, the third was the most voted in the house.

In fact, the majority vote seems to be in line with that of the public. This is because, in a poll carried out by OFuxico, Pitel should be eliminated with 86% of the votes of those who fans want to see outside the reality show. Alane and Beatriz appear tied with 7% each.

It is worth mentioning that this prevents the social worker from being among the most rejected in the edition. Leidy Elin holds the record with 88.33%, followed by Ráculo, with 87.14%, and Marcus Vinicius, with 84.86%. Yasmin Brunet is in fourth place with 80.76%.

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However, with voting only closing tomorrow, the number could grow and Pitel surpass the trancista’s mark as the biggest reject of the edition, as she should actually be eliminated. If the number remains the same, she will displace Marcus from the podium, occupying third place with the most votes to leave the competition.

Partial of the OFuxico survey about Paredão (Photo: Reproduction/OFuxico)

How did Paredão form?

The race was played in three groups of three members each. Pitel, Giovanna and Buddha Leader Test: Completed the Leader Test in 39 seconds. Davi, MC Bin Laden and Matteus: took the Leader Test in 44 seconds. Alane, Beatriz and Isabelle: took the Leader Test in 45 seconds.

Eventually, the winning trio was Pitel, Giovanna and Buda. They then competed in a test and Giovanna became Leader. Beatriz, Alane and Isabelle had the worst time in the Leader’s Test and received the following consequences:

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  • Alane: Went straight to Paredão
  • Beatriz: Carry on with the game, nothing happens
  • Isabelle: She became immune

Leader Giovanna voted for Beatriz; Alane voted for Pitel; Beatriz voted for Pitel; David voted for Pitel; Isabelle voted for Pitel; Lucas Henrique voted for Matteus; Matteus voted for Pitel; Mc Bin Laden voted for Matthew; Pitel voted for Matteus. Finally, Pitel stayed at Paredão.

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