At 94 years old, Lima Duarte has a lifetime contract with Globo, but is living away from the spotlight


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01/04/2024 – 16:57

The actor lime Duarte he turned 94 last Friday, the 29th, with a barbecue with his family. The moments were shared by the artist on his Instagram profile, which has around 763 thousand followers.

There, he also shows what his routine is like away from the cameras, meeting friends, passion for his favorite team and memories of his work.

At TV Globehe is one of the names that has a lifetime contract, but has not acted since 2017, when he was part of the cast of “O Outro Lado do Paraíso”.

Lima Duarte turned 94 on March 29th (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram/@limaduarte)

Considered one of the strong names in television drama, he began his career on radio and with the support of his mother, he debuted his first soap opera, on TV Tupi, in “Sua Vida Me Pertence” (1951).

At the station, he was present in productions until 1971, including “TV de Vanguarda” (1952/1960), “E o Vento Levou” (1956), “Grande Teatro Tupi” (1959/1964), “Cleópatra” (1962 ), “Gutierritos, the Drama of the Humble” (1964), “The Right to Be Born (1964), “The Cat” (1964), “The Mysterious Defendant” (1966), “The Nightingale of Galilee” (1968), “The Witches” (1970) and “The Factory” (1971).

Lima Duarte and Suzana Vieira as Sassá Mutema and Gilda in the soap opera ‘O Salvador da Pátria’ (1989) (Credit: Globo/Bazilio Calazans)

At Globo, his first role was in 1973, in the classic “O Bem-Amado”. Afterwards, he acted in major works such as “Roque Santeiro” (1975), “Tenda dos Milagres” (1985), “Rainha da Sucata” (1990), “Pedra sobre Pedra” (1992), “Fera Ferida’ (1993), “The Next Victim” (1995), “Capital Sin” (1998), “Porto dos Milagres” (2001), “The Fifth of Hells” (2002), “The Color of Sin” (2004), “The Way of the Indies” ” (2009). “Araguaia” (2010) and “I Love Paraisópolis” (2015).

In cinemas and theater, he was also present, in works such as “O Auto da Compadecida” (2000), “Assalto ao Banco Central” (2011), “Meus Dois Amores” (2015), “ Eles não Usam Black-tie ” (1958) and “Tartuffe” (1964).

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