EBC must change programming to boost Lula’s popularity; municipality denies

EBC must change programming to boost Lula’s popularity; municipality denies
EBC must change programming to boost Lula’s popularity; municipality denies

The broadcasters of Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC), the public channels CanalGov and TV Brasil, must join the Planalto Palace’s strategy to try to leverage the popularity of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) after successive opinion polls indicate a disapproval of his third administration.

According to an investigation published this Monday (1st) by the newspaper The globethe evangelical public and women must gain more representation in structures – this religious segment is one of the most resistant to the Lula government.

The Brazilian Communications Company (EBC), however, told People’s Gazette that “there are no plans for changes to the TV Brasil schedule”, and that new programs debuted between February and March and that sports broadcasts should begin in the coming months. However, there is no plan to air specific programs for the evangelical audience (see below).

The investigation ofThe globe pointed out that the strategy also intends to increase the presence of ministers in the program “Good morning, minister”, broadcast on CanalGov, one of the channels that are part of the EBC structure along with TV Brasil, Canal Educação, Rádio MEC and other agencies of state news.

According to the investigation, EBC intends to reuse materials broadcast on broadcasters to publish on social media and expand audience reach.

Regarding TV Brasil specifically, there are no plans for a specific program for evangelicals, but to expand the presence of this group on the channel, according to the investigation. At the end of last year, the network aired the Mexican soap opera “Maria Madalena”.

There are also no specific plans for women, who represent the majority of TV Brasil’s audience in classes C, D and E over 50 years old. The investigation of the The globe points out that the majority of this audience is also evangelicals.

To Gazeta do Povo, EBC stated that “there is no change planned for the TV Brasil schedule”. “Between February and March, the broadcaster debuted a series of content, such as the new version of Sem Censura and the series of the Prodav TVs Públicas program, in addition to the reformulation of the television news program Repórter Brasil Tarde”, he added.

The public broadcaster also stated that new sports championships are expected to be broadcast in the coming months, especially women’s tournaments such as basketball and football. “But, there is no forecast of any effective change in the schedule, or the debut of programming aimed at the evangelical public”, he amended.

In addition to programming adjustments, EBC began expanding its reach after complaints from Lula about the lack of national content during his trips abroad. Last week, the government launched TV Brasil Internacional, initially available on streaming apps. streamingwebsite and digital satellite dish in 12 countries in South America.

Since EBC was created in 2007 under Lula’s second administration, the network has been the target of criticism for allegedly serving to accommodate political patrons and for aligning with the government.

More recently, TV Brasil had to change direction after the director chosen by the president in this third term, journalist Hélio Doyle, made anti-Semitic comments on social media – he was replaced by historian Jean Lima, affiliated with the PT.

The report was updated after EBC sent a note to People’s Gazette.

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