How long can the widow receive the death benefit?

How long can the widow receive the death benefit?
How long can the widow receive the death benefit?

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The death pension is a social security benefit paid by the INSS to the dependents of a taxpayer who died or whose death was declared by the Justice, in cases of disappearance.

In this sense, only dependents of the deceased qualified by Social Security are entitled to the benefit. However, it is important to remember that there is an order of priority in these groups, and in the first place are the duly proven spouses.

Requirements for applying for a death benefit

Therefore, the following requirements must be met to receive the death benefit:

  • Prove the death or presumed death of the insured;
  • Demonstrate the status of insured of the deceased at the time of his death;
  • Be a dependent of the deceased insured person.

Duration of death benefit for widows

Spouse duration of 4 months

  • When the death has occurred without the insured having completed 18 contributions;
  • When the marriage or stable union started two years before the death of the insured
  • For a divorced or legally separated spouse, partner, or ex-spouse who receives alimony

Spouse, when the insured has completed 18 contributions

  • 3 months for those under 22 years old;
  • 6 years for those between 22 and 27 years old;
  • 10 years for those between 28 and 30 years old;
  • 15 years for those between 31 and 41 years old;
  • 20 years for those between 42 and 44 years old;
  • lifetime for anyone 45 years of age or older.

How do I apply for a death benefit?

Follow the steps below to apply for a death benefit:

  1. Access the website;
  2. If you have a password, click Login;
  3. On the home screen, under your name, search for “pension” and click on the option Pensão por Morte Urbana or Pensão por Morte Rural;
  4. The system asks you to update your registration data, update and click Next;
  5. Now, the system informs some rules, click Continue;
  6. Finally, you must confirm your contact details, fill in all the information and attach the documents.

In addition, the death pension bureaucracy requires the presentation of the following documents:

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  • Identity and CPF of the Applicant;
  • Identity and CPF of the founder;
  • Appointment/Hiring Ordinance (If he died in Activity);
  • Retirement Ordinance (If he died retired);
  • Professional Card of the Employee Deceased in Activity;
  • Death certificate;
  • Last paycheck;
  • Proof of Residence with CEP (Recent);
  • Declaration of Receipt of Pension or Retirement in another Pension Scheme;
  • Declaration of receipt of formal income source.

Spouse Specific

  • Updated Marriage Certificate within 90 days of issuance.

Specific for Companion in stable union

  • Birth or Marriage Certificate with Record of Divorce of Both;
  • Sentence of Homologation of Stable Union;
  • Documents Evidence of the Stable Union – Art. 15, §4, I to XIII of Municipal Law No. 10.684/05.

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