School van overturns after car disrespects stop sign

School van overturns after car disrespects stop sign
School van overturns after car disrespects stop sign

A 45-year-old driver driving a GM Celta, disrespecting the mandatory stop signs and crashing sideways with a school van, occupied by seven people, the driver being 48 years old; an assistant and five children, at the intersection of Avenida Guilherme Capucci and Rua Jorge José Silveira, in the Elza Amui neighborhood, yesterday morning. With the impact of the collision, the van overturned. It is suspected that the driver of the GM Celta, who has an expired National Driver’s License (CNH), has become ill and suffered an epileptic seizure, advancing the mandatory stop sign.

Uberaba Municipal Civil Guard (GCM) team that was patrolling was informed by passerby about the accident.

Accident on Avenida Guilherme Capucci (Photo/JC Duran)

At the scene, the driver of the Citroën van, Jumper model, white, Uberaba license plates, was traveling along Guilherme Capucci Avenue, towards the city centre, and when passing through the intersection with Jorge José Silveira Street, he was surprised by the GM vehicle Celta, which collided with the rear side of the van. Upon impact, the van overturned.

The driver of the school van also reported to GCM agents that there were five children in the vehicle to be taken to a school, but that none of them were injured, as they were wearing seat belts. The assistant, who is the wife of the driver of the school van, had to be assisted by the Samu team and military personnel from the Fire Department.

The driver of the GM Celta vehicle, silver color, Uberaba plates, was not in a position to narrate the facts because he was in a state of shock. He ended up being attended to by Samu’s team and taken to the emergency room at Hospital Mário Palmério.

GCM agents tried to talk to the Celta driver, but without success. His wife reported that he was confused and also that he uses the drugs Hidantal, Quetiapine and Lakos. She also reported that her husband took the car to go to work without warning and that she believes he suffered an epileptic seizure at the time of the accident.

With the collision between the two vehicles, in addition to the van overturning, the Celta hit a religious temple, which presented damage, such as a broken foundation, dented grid and broken pillars of the grid structure.

The municipal civil guards obtained images from a circuit system of security cameras from a nearby trade, where the driver of the GM Celta vehicle, silver color, Uberaba license plates, appears, disobeying the existing mandatory stop signage in the place.

The driver was fined for disrespecting the “Stop” signage and for having an expired driver’s license. CNH was also collected.

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