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Driver who killed couple in accident in Rio Bananal is on the run

Driver who killed couple in accident in Rio Bananal is on the run
Driver who killed couple in accident in Rio Bananal is on the run

Inevaldo de Medeiros Araujo and Valdirene de Fatima Belsof CampI, died in an accident on Sunday night (3). Credit: Personal collection

The arrest request was made through the Rio Bananal Prosecutor’s Office on the 15th of this month, and released this Thursday afternoon (22nd) by the MPES. According to the document, the driver, in addition to having consumed alcohol, also did not have a National Driver’s License (CNH), and therefore assumed the risk of causing the accident.

“The victims were surprised by the vehicle in their driving hand and had no possibility of reacting”says the complaint.

The agency asks that anyone with information about the accused contact the Civil Police’s hotline (181) or 127, the MPES Ombudsman’s Office.


Inevaldo and Valdirene had been together for about four years. Inevaldo worked as a lifeguard during the weekends at Lagoa Jesuína, located in Rio Bananal. On the night of April 4th of this year, he was returning from work on a motorcycle with his partner, when he crashed head-on into a car coming the wrong way.

An ambulance from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) was called to provide assistance, but the team found that the victims died from the impact of the crash. Inevaldo leaves a daughter, and Valdirene, two girls, from previous relationships.

A witness reported to the Military Police that the vehicle involved in the accident was following the road in zigzag movements. The car was abandoned and the driver fled after the accident.

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