dynamicSpot app brings iPhone feature to Android devices

An app called dynamicSpot was released on the Google Play Store recently and it is intended to bring the Dynamic Island feature to Android devices. The application, however, is still in an early access model, however, it already causes a certain change, even if it is more in the visual part than functional.

In iPhones, the novelty came with the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. At first, it is a dynamic notch, which is in charge of showing notifications. Likewise, it works as a quick shortcut to some media apps like Spotify and Apple Music.

18 Sep

16 Sep

In a way, the attribute caught the attention and even brands like Redmi and Realme are preparing something similar in their future smartphones. Other brands like ZTE even made fun of the so-called Dynamic Island. Be that as it may, this feature gave a lot to talk about.

However, while the feature does not arrive natively on Android devices, dynamicSpot takes care of bringing it through an application. First of all, it works very simply and does the job of storing notifications in a slightly expanded space at the top of the device.


It is worth remembering, however, that the app is still in early access, which can cause some bugs in its operation. In addition, it does not have as complete functionality as the iPhones. But, the user still has the freedom to customize the position and size of the island.

There are more functions that can be released if the user purchases the most complete version for R$ 24.99. In general, it asks for permissions to access notifications and overlay other apps. According to a message in the application itself, no user data will be collected.


And you, did you like the idea? Are you going to install dynamicSport on your smartphone?



Developer: Jawomo

Free – offers in-app purchases

Size: 2.8MB

The article is in Portuguese

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