Vettel analyzes Hamilton’s move to Ferrari


Like much of the sporting world, Sebastian Vettel revealed that he was surprised by the announcement of Lewis Hamilton to the Ferrari in 2025. The four-time champion, who retired from Formula 1 at the Italian team, believes that Hamilton is looking for a new challenge in his career. However, he highlighted that the beginning of this change is not so simple.

In an interview with Sky SportsVettel noted that it will be different to see Hamilton wearing Ferrari’s traditional red overalls in 2025. He also highlighted that it is more difficult to win a championship with Ferrari.

“I was surprised, like most people, I think. But it’s exciting. Obviously he is looking for a new challenge in his career and it will be different to see him wearing red, in a different color,” said Vettel.

Regarding Hamilton’s new teammate, Charles Leclercthe four-time champion believes they will have no problems.

“Charles is good and calm. He is very competitive, Lewis too.”

Hamilton’s competitiveness made him a seven-time F1 champion. If he achieves the octa, he will be the first in history to achieve the feat. Given this, Vettel commented on the Briton’s chances of winning a championship with Ferrari. Asked if it is more difficult to win a championship at Ferrari, the German said it is “different”.

“I couldn’t do it, so I could say it’s difficult. But it’s definitely different. It’s a different atmosphere.”

On another occasion, speaking to the Sky Sports GermanyVettel highlighted that this change of team is not an easy process, but he believes that Hamilton will be able to deal with the situation well.

“He has been in F1 for a long time, has a lot of experience and has more success than any other F1 driver. He will handle it well, but the transition to a new team is always difficult, especially at the beginning.”

“Many familiar faces you have known for years are no longer by your side. You have to get used to a new environment. But he [Hamilton] will be able to handle it well”, projected Vettel.

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