In five sets, Praia Clube overcomes Sesi Bauru and advances in the Women’s Superliga

In five sets, Praia Clube overcomes Sesi Bauru and advances in the Women’s Superliga
In five sets, Praia Clube overcomes Sesi Bauru and advances in the Women’s Superliga

Praia Clube remains alive to defend the title of Women’s Volleyball Super League. The Uberlândia team beat Sesi Bauru, on Tuesday night (2), at Arena Dentil, in Uberlândia, by 3 sets to 2 (25/17, 25/16, 21/25, 24/26 and 15/ 12) and secured himself in the semi-final of the competition. Now, the Minas Gerais team faces Flamengo, in a new best-of-three series, looking for a place in the final.

The Viva Vôlei Trophy went to central Adenízia, from Praia Clube. Opposite Sofya Kuznetsova was the game’s top scorer with 27 points.

A Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV) defined, this Monday (1st), the dates of the semifinals of the Women’s Super League. According to the calendar, the semifinals will be played on the 8th, 12th and 15th of April, and the times will still be established by the entity.

The other semi-final of the competition will be played between Gerdau Minas and Osasco. The grand final of the Women’s Super League is scheduled for April 21st. The title will be defined in a single game, at the Geraldão gym, in Recife.

The game

Praia Clube was dominant in the first set. The Uberlândia team led the score the entire time. The difference throughout the set was 10 points in favor of the Minas Gerais team. With an efficient attack and good level of reception, the team closed the set in 25×17.

The second set followed the same script as the previous part. Praia remained in command of the game’s actions and led the score from the beginning. Bauru threatened to pull over, scored consecutive points and left the score at 18 to 14. Paulo Coco stopped the game, and Praia regained focus. The team returned to the same rhythm as at the beginning of the game and finished the set in 25×16.

The third part was more balanced. The teams competed point by point until 9 to 9. From then on, Bauru took the lead. Making fewer mistakes and counting on good use from Edinara, the team took a 15-10 lead. Praia reacted and reduced the advantage to 15-13, which forced the Sesi coach to stop the game.

The team from the interior of São Paulo was not intimidated and returned with the same volume of play, with good receptions and high use of counterattacks. The team opened 21 to 17 and closed in 25 to 21.

The fourth set was alternating and tense. Bauru took an early lead, but Praia Clube managed to react and turned the game around 12 to 9. Bauru regained its concentration and tied the game at 13 points. The São Paulo team continued with more pace and scored 17 to 15. The two points of advantage held out until Praia tied at 19.

Praia’s blocking worked again and opposite Sofya Kuznetsova appeared. The Uberlândia team scored 22 to 20, but were unable to close the set. Bauru regained control and closed in 26 to 24.

The fifth set followed the path of balance, with the teams exchanging points. The first lead was from Praia Clube, with 6 to 4. With three consecutive blocks, the team opened 10 to 5. The team maintained the advantage until the end and finished 15 to 12.

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