Casagrande cites reason why Neymar became a “spoiled” player

Casagrande cites reason why Neymar became a “spoiled” player
Casagrande cites reason why Neymar became a “spoiled” player

Home Soccer Casagrande cites reason why Neymar became a “spoiled” player

Commentator quotes young striker Endrick, from Palmeiras, to criticize the Al Hilal player’s training as a football player

Marcel Rauen
on 02/04/2024 09:32 – Updated 7 minutes ago

Neymar is a player for Al Hilal, from Saudi Arabia (Disclosure/Al Hilal)

Casagrande is a football commentator who doesn’t usually go out of his way to criticize a player when he deems it necessary. In Palmeiras’ defeat against Santos, in the first game of the Paulistão final, last Sunday, the former player analyzed Endrick’s performance and defined it as bad.

According to him, there is nothing unusual about this, as the athlete is 17 years old and will still fluctuate in his career. But it is important for the staff and for those who live with Endrick to always tell him the truth.

If you play badly, you have to show him that you played badly.

According to Casagrande, this is one of the reasons that left Neymar spoiled as a football player.

“It was by omitting when Neymar played badly and putting his hand on his head that turned him into a spoiled guy. Endrick has an incredible future ahead of him and, soon, he will play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, Real Madrid, and you can be sure that, when he plays poorly, he will be criticized like everyone else is”, analyzed Casagrande in his column on UOL Esporte .

Casagrande praises the moment Santos experienced during the season

After the good victory in the first leg of the Paulistão final, the commentator praised the moment experienced by Peixe with a lot of unity between fans, players and coaching staff in search of better days after the frustrating 2023 season in which the club was relegated to the Brasileirão Série B.

“Santos won with all merit. Vila Belmiro was beautiful, packed, with the fans putting on a great show. The beginning of 2024 is being incredible for Santos Futebol Clube, regardless of whether it manages to become São Paulo champion or not”, assessed the former player.

“Technical committee, players, fans, all united with the same thought of putting Santos in its rightful place, which is in the elite of Brazilian football”, stated Casagrande about Peixe’s moment.

“The Santos fans are inflamed because they look at the field and see male players honoring Peixe’s historic shirt with dedication, determination and a lot of respect. Now, you will have a week to prepare to try to achieve a spectacular feat, which is winning the São Paulo title”, concluded the commentator.

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