see the latest news from Flamengo

see the latest news from Flamengo
see the latest news from Flamengo

In the last few hours, the focus of news about Flamengo is behind the scenes of the club, with highlights such as the reinforcement that has repercussions in Europe for Flamengo and Renato Gaúcho’s statement.

Given this context, read below a summary prepared by the Gávea News portal team to keep you very well informed!

Zico asks for hiring

Zico, former Flamengo player and idol (Photo: André Durão /

Flamengo begins its journey in the Copa Libertadores 2024 with great expectations, facing Millonarios (COL) in Bogotá. This game is not only the start of their tournament campaign, but also a test for their future ambitions, including a special focus on the 2025 Club World Cup. The club, who are already in Group E along with Bolívar (BOL) and Palestino ( CHI), seeks to strengthen its position in the South American competition and demonstrate that it has the best squad in the region.

Zico, Flamengo’s greatest idol, shares his optimistic vision for the club’s future, especially in relation to the 2025 Club World Cup. He highlights Flamengo’s strength and credibility in the transfer market, suggesting that the club should aspire to sign a great name of world football. According to Zico, the addition of an international caliber player to the squad could significantly increase Flamengo’s chances in international competitions, especially against European teams, reinforcing the importance of strengthening the team for global success.

Flamengo’s presence in the 2025 Club World Cup, ensured by winning the Libertadores 2022, represents a significant challenge for the club to prepare for a tournament that will feature a new 32-team format. Zico’s vision reflects Flamengo’s desire to not only compete, but also to stand out on the international stage, aiming to strengthen the squad with high-level players. This period of planning and anticipation is marked by a sense of optimism and ambition, with the club focused on positioning itself strongly to face globally renowned teams.

Reinforcement has repercussions in Europe

Marcos Braz, vice president of football at Flamengo – Photo: Gilvan de Souza / Flamengo

The signing of Carlinhos by Flamengo generated great interest both among fans and in the international press, highlighted by the player’s rapid advancement from the fourth division to one of the biggest clubs in Brazil in just six months. This surprising movement, reported by vehicles such as the Spanish ‘As’, highlights the potential and the path of overcoming Carlinhos, who at 27 years old joins Flamengo on a three-year contract, increasing expectations about his performance at the club.

Carlinhos’ story is marked by personal and professional challenges, including a career break in 2022 to care for his mother, who is sick with cancer, demonstrating his strong character and family values. After his return to football, Carlinhos stood out for Camboriú and Nova Iguaçu, scoring nine goals in 14 matches, which reinforced his reputation as a promising striker. His next challenge before officially joining Flamengo will be to face the club itself in the final of the Campeonato Carioca, representing a unique opportunity to impress both the new team and its future fans.

By replacing Gabigol, who is suspended, Carlinhos will not participate in the current phase of the Libertadores due to late registration, but there is great expectation about the impact he could have on the national scene for Flamengo. This transition represents a significant change for the club and the player, with the football community paying attention to the development of this promising career and Carlinhos’ potential to contribute significantly to Flamengo’s future successes.

Declaration by Renato Gaúcho

Renato Gaúcho during the match between Flamengo and Olimpia for the Copa Libertadores of the 2021 season (Photo: Alexandre Vidal/Flamengo)

At the beginning of the Brazilian club season, the teams focused their attention on the state championships, where there were a series of tests on the squads and some stumbles by the elite teams. Flamengo, in particular, stood out in the Campeonato Carioca, maintaining an impressive performance with only one goal conceded throughout the competition, demonstrating its superiority in relation to the other top teams in Rio de Janeiro. The team reached the final with a record of 10 wins and four draws.

Coach Renato Gaúcho highlighted Flamengo’s performance, pointing out it as the only club without defeats this year and emphasizing its high level of performance compared to other Brazilian teams. His analysis came after the goalless draw between Grêmio and Juventude in the final of the Campeonato Gaúcho, where he mentioned that, besides Flamengo, the other teams are quite balanced, but not at the same level as the Rio club.

Additionally, Renato Gaúcho took advantage of the occasion to provoke Internacional, remembering that the club did not reach the state final, being eliminated on penalties by Juventude in the semifinals. This comment highlights the rivalry in Brazilian football and highlights Flamengo not only for its performance on the field, but also for the perception of its superiority by important figures in the sport, such as Renato Gaúcho himself.

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