Robinho is released from isolation and will be able to receive visits in prison

Robinho is released from isolation and will be able to receive visits in prison
Robinho is released from isolation and will be able to receive visits in prison

Former striker, Robinho left the place where he was in isolation, in penitentiary 2 of Tremembé. Now, he shares a cell with another inmate and is allowed to receive visits from family.

Robinho was arrested on March 21 to serve nine years in prison for rape. Initially, the convict spent ten days without being able to have contact with the other inmates. According to CNN Brazil, Robinho will have two two-hour sunbaths. Furthermore, the former Brazilian national team striker will eat three times a day

According to the SAP (Secretary of Penitentiary Administration) of São Paulo, Robinho is in an eight square meter cell. The penitentiary has capacity for 348 inmates, but currently the prison population is 283 people.

The former player was convicted in Italy, but the decision to serve the sentence in Brazil was taken after the STJ (Superior Court of Justice) approved the sentence, so that it would have effects on national territory.

Robinho was in a ‘special’ cell

Robinho spent Thursday night (21) in a special cell at Penitentiary 2 Dr. José Augusto Salgado, in Tremembé, in the interior of São Paulo. There, the former player remained in isolation and was under observation. Sunbathing was carried out separately from other inmates.

Serving Robinho’s sentence

The former player was convicted in Italy of gang rape and will have to serve a nine-year prison sentence. CNN caught the moment when the former player leaves his building, located in the coastal city of São Paulo.

On Thursday night, the Federal Court of Santos issued the arrest warrant for the former player. The decision was signed by judge Mateus Castelo Branco Firmino da Silva, of the Federal Court. Previously, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) had already ordered the Federal Court to arrest Robinho.

On Wednesday (20), the STJ ruled, by 9 votes to 2, that the 9-year sentence in a closed regime be served in Brazil. This happens after Italy officially requested that the player serve his sentence in Brazilian territory, as the country does not extradite citizens born here.

Sentenced to 9 years in prison for rape

A Santos idol with spells with the Brazilian team, Atlético, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Milan, Robinho received a 9-year prison sentence for participating in the gang rape of a 23-year-old woman. The crime occurred in an Italian nightclub in 2013. At the time, Robinho played for Milan.

The Brazilian player was convicted in all instances of Italian justice, and the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office appealed to Brazil, the year before last, asking the country to extradite Robinho immediately. However, Brazilian legislation does not allow the extradition of citizens born here to serve sentences in other countries. Therefore, faced with his refusal, Italy asked him to serve his sentence in Brazilian territory.

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