Democrat’s rout frustrates Ipatinga’s complaint to the TJD; understand < In Attack

Democrat’s rout frustrates Ipatinga’s complaint to the TJD; understand < In Attack
Democrat’s rout frustrates Ipatinga’s complaint to the TJD; understand < In Attack
Democrat-GV will play Module I of the Campeonato Mineiro in 2025, unlike Ipatinga and Patrocinense, relegated to Module II
(photo: Juninho Nogueira)

Ipatinga appealed to the Minas Gerais Sports Court of Justice (TJD-MG) to contest the decision of the Minas Gerais Football Federation (FMF) to attribute a 3-0 score to Patrocinense’s games. However, the 4-1 defeat to the Democrat, this Monday (1/4), at José Mammoud Abbas, in Governador Valadares, makes any decision irrelevant.

On March 18, the Democrat beat Patrocinense 1-0. Shortly afterwards, on the 22nd, the Alto Paranaíba team informed the Minas Gerais Football Federation that they withdrew from competing in the triangular, and were then demoted to Module II.

By announcing the elimination of Patrocinense, the FMF rendered the results on the field null and void and applied the score of 3-0 to Democrat and Ipatinga in all matches.

In Ipatinga’s understanding, the Federation was wrong to give the Democrat a 3-0 victory, as, in this case, there was a game against Patrocinense

“We are asking for the result on the field to prevail. With this decision by the FMF, the Democrat, who would have won 1-0, now won 3-0 by WO. This is not the case, because there was a game”, argued Edson Travassos, Ipatinga’s lawyer, to On Attack.

Goleade frustrates Ipatinga’s complaint

If the FMF had maintained the 1-0 result for the Democrat against Patrocinense, Ipatinga would have a greater advantage in the balance compared to Governador Valadares’ team (7-3).

However, by losing 4-1, Tigre do Vale do Aço lost any prospect of remaining in the elite of the Campeonato Mineiro. After all, Pantera ended the play-off ahead on goal difference: 8-4.

In other words, even if the STJD determines the updating of Democrat x Patrocinense to 1-0, the Valadares club would continue to have an advantage on the balance. In points, both teams had nine.

In the relegation triangular, only the first placed team remains in the state elite, while the other two fall to Module II.

Repechage classification do Mineiro

  • Democrat – 9 points (3 wins, 1 loss; 13 goals scored, 5 conceded, 8 goals saved)
  • Ipatinga – 9 points (3 wins, 1 loss; 11 goals scored, 7 conceded, 4 goals saved)
  • Patrocinense – 0 points (4 defeats; 0 goals scored, 12 conceded, -12 balance)*

*Patrocinense lost four games due to WO after withdrawing from the Campeonato Mineiro

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