Ending the arbitration commentator was a major setback for Globo – Prisma

Ending the arbitration commentator was a major setback for Globo – Prisma
Ending the arbitration commentator was a major setback for Globo – Prisma

Sálvio Spínola is the arbitration analyst at Record in Paulistão
Reproduction / R7

To this day, there are different versions of the reasons that led Globo to do without the services of refereeing analysts in its football broadcasts. In fact, a role that Arnaldo Cezar Coelho performed for almost three decades and although he used the catchphrase “the rule is clear”, it was thanks to him that many details of the 17 rules of the game became clearer.

The curious thing is that two technical commentators are maintained, but no one else to analyze the decisions made on the field, as they happen. It is also interesting that, among the largest, only she no longer has it.

There is no doubt that this extinction only impoverished the service provided, because both here in our fields and everywhere else, things are not always clarified in the way they should be.

If such a measure was taken following the installation of VAR, it is worth remembering Chacrinha: “he did not come to explain. It came to confuse even more.”

Of everyone she had there, Sálvio Spínola and Sandro Meira Ricci were the last to leave, leaving only Paulo Cesar de Oliveira, very good, but now limited to participation in SporTV programs. An error that could be repaired immediately with the start of the Libertadores and the Brazilian championship.


When talking about arbitration commentators, it is worth highlighting that Record was the first to have someone performing these functions.

Flávio Iazzetti, who formed the team with Raul Tabajara and Reale Jr/Silvio Luiz, in addition to being a journalist, was also a professor of referees at the FPF.

High level

Rogério Vaughan took over the leading role in ESPN’s football broadcasts once and for all, with the departure of Paulo Andrade.

Vaughan has a good voice and knows how to balance emotion.

Humor in the broadcast

SBT will continue to use digital in Sul-Americana broadcasts.

This Tuesday, in addition to Cléber Machado on TV, the match between Corinthians and Racing, in Uruguay, will also have an alternative work on SBT Sports’ YouTube, with narration by Diguinho Coruja.

You are searching

The management of Rede TV!, meaning Andrea Dallevo, is evaluating the possibilities of launching a reality show later this year. The idea, in fact, is to establish partnerships.

There are already some projects under study.

Fernanda divides opinions
João Cotta

Gets attention

The interviews carried out with participants in reality shows, especially “BBB” and “Fazenda”, rarely leave the well-known 3 by 4 or the little house.

Then, when someone like Fernanda comes out and shows herself to be more resourceful and courageous, there are those who are amazed and disturbed. Agreeing or not agreeing with her is another problem.


It is already known that child actress Mel Summers will play Anna, in “A Caverna Encantada”, the next SBT soap opera.

In turn, Miguel Coelho will play Gabriel and Isabela Souza, Pilar, the protagonist teachers.


On the 15th, Globo will show the project “Falas da Terra: Selvagem”, presented by actress, singer and activist Zahy Tentehar. A special in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, celebrated on the 19th, but which also offers a dive into the culture of the original peoples.

Ailton Krenak participates as a guest expert and will soon take office at the Brazilian Academy of Letters.

It made noise

Yesterday, April 1st, in a post on Instagram, Otaviano Costa announced the return of the “Video Show”, which he led for 5 years.

And there was still suspense about who would be chosen to share the work with him. Just kidding.


The return of the “Video Show” or a program with these characteristics would make the most sense at a time like now for Globo, which in addition to its productions also has Globoplay.

In fact, the big mistake was, one day, they ended it.


Part of the cast of “Dona Beja” renewed until mid-May, and this includes the protagonist, Grazi Massafera, but it is believed that the work will be completed well before that.

According to people there, the atmosphere “is different now”, very calm, after the arrival of director Thiago Teitelroit, known as “Tico”.


NSports yesterday laid off around 30 contractors, including temporary and permanent employees, who worked on its sports broadcasts.

Before, CG, Carlos Gomes, was called to his direction and decided to leave. There is talk that he did not agree with the direction the company was taking. Vice-president José Augusto Gonçalves talks about natural restructuring.

New member

Mônica Pimentel, Vice President of Content at Warner Bros. Discovery Brasil, has just joined the International Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences.

The entity is responsible for the International Emmy Awards and honors, through its awards, the best television content in the world. With her entry, Mônica becomes a member of the Academy, participates in Council meetings and forms part of the voting group for the awards.

Luís Ricardo, today, on the ‘Programa de Todos os Programas’

It’s him

Actor, singer and voice actor Luís Ricardo is this Tuesday’s guest on “Programa de Todos os Programas”, starting at 6pm.

Live, on Record and R7’s YouTube, in addition to social media.

Bate – Rebate

• Globo requested the registration of the “Pedro e Nina” brand for its entertainment.

• This Wednesday, starting at 7pm, the launch of Martinho da Vida’s book will take place at Sesc Pinheiros, in São Paulo.

• Released from recording the soap opera “Beleza Fatal”, Camila Queiroz dedicated herself to filming “Uma Mulher Sem Filtro”, in Rio de Janeiro.

• Here, on Sony Channel, Bianca Comparato’s participation in “Grey’s Anatomy” will air in July…

• … In the United States, the episode was shown last Thursday. Written and produced by Brazilian Beto Skubs.

• For those who miss Sonia Braga, from the 4th, she returns to cinemas with the horror “The First Prophecy”.

• With Mel Lisboa and Bruno Fraga, “Rita Lee: a musical autobiography” arrives on the 26th at Teatro Porto, in São Paulo.

• Next Thursday, the first episode of the tenth season of the series “Reis – A Decadência” will be available on Univer Vídeo…

• … On the 22nd, it debuts on Record’s programming.

• Singer Natascha Falcão, in addition to sharing the opening theme of the soap opera “No Rancho Fundo” with Elba Ramalho, will also have another work on the soundtrack…

• … And what’s more: she will also work as an actress in the plot.

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