Daniel Alves’ wife publishes photo in support of the player; look

Daniel Alves’ wife publishes photo in support of the player; look
Daniel Alves’ wife publishes photo in support of the player; look

Model Joana Sanz, wife of Daniel Alves, published, this Monday (1/4), a photo holding hands with the player, who is on provisional release after paying bail, pending the judgment of the appeal.

Convicted of rape in Spain, the Brazilian was released on Monday (25/3). They have been together since 2015, but have experienced several turbulent moments since the investigations began in 2023.

Joana Sanz no longer follows Daniel Alves on Instagram, where the photo holding hands with the player was published. Despite this, information from the Spanish press is that they are still together.

She would even have visited her husband in Barcelona after his release from prison. At the Alves trial, Joana stated that he came home quite drunk on the night of the crime


While awaiting judgment on the appeal, Daniel Alves is free and needs to comply with some restrictions. Check out:

  • You are prohibited from leaving Spain;
  • You must remain 1 km away from the victim (from the house where she lives, her place of work and any place she frequents);
  • Cannot communicate with the victim by any means;
  • You need to appear in court weekly in Barcelona.

Crime in Barcelona

Alves was sentenced to 4 years and six months in prison, in addition to another five years of supervised release for raping a 23-year-old woman, in a bathroom at a Barcelona nightclub on December 30, 2022.

After the trial, the court considered that the young woman did not consent to sexual intercourse and that Daniel Alves coerced her and threw the woman to the ground to maintain sexual intercourse, although the woman said she did not want to and that she wanted to get out of there.

Daniel Alves received the sentence on February 22, weeks after the three-day trial at the Barcelona Court. The player’s defense appealed the decision and was granted provisional freedom.



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