Athletico starts “insane” April calendar: see games


Athletico celebrates classification at Ligga Arena

O Athletico will start a gaming marathon in April. There will be eight matches in less than 30 days between the debut in the South American Championship, the second leg of the Paranaense final and the first rounds of the Brazilian Championship.

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On average, Hurricane will enter the field every three days. The kickoff for this run of “Wednesday and Sunday” games will be against Sportivo Ameliano this Tuesday (2), at 9:30 pm, at the Nueva Olla Stadium, in Asunción, Paraguay.

After the victory over Maringá, in the first game of the State final, Cuca’s team returned to Curitiba and only traveled to the neighboring country this Monday (1st).

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The coach has the entire squad at his disposal and, contrary to Paranaense regulations, he will be able to use the nine foreigners in the continental tournament. Names such as defender Mateo Gamarra and attackers Cuello, Romeo Benítez and Di Yorio have been left out of the related lists.

After their debut in Sula, the team focuses on the search for a second local championship. The return against Maringá will be on Saturday (6), at 5pm, at the Ligga Arena. In the middle of next week, Furacão hosts Rayo Zuliano, in the second round of the international championship.

Finally, the red and black team debuts in the Brasileirão also at the Ligga Arena against Cuiabá, on the 13th or 14th, at a time to be defined. The CBF has not yet released the detailed table for the first rounds of Series A.

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Check out all Athletico games in April:

April 2nd – Sportivo Ameliano x Athleticoat 9:30 pm, first round of the South American Championship;
April 6 – Athletico x Maringáat 5pm, return – final of the Paranaense Championship;
9th April – Athletico x Rayo Zulianoat 9:30 pm, second round of the South American Championship;
April 13th or 14th – Athletico x Cuiabáto be defined, first round of the Brasileirão;
April 17th or 18th – Grêmio x Athleticoto be defined, second round of the Brasileirão;
April 20th or 21st – Athletico x Internacionalto be defined, third round of the Brasileirão;
April 24th – Danubio x Athleticoat 7pm, third round of the South American Championship;
April 27th or 28th – Youth x Athleticoto be defined, fourth round of the Brasileirão;

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