What made the difference in Patrick de Paula’s good return to Botafogo


What we saw against Boavista serves as a calling card. Patrick dePaula There’s more to it. Even against opponents who can offer much more difficulties to Botafogo. However, you need to make a decision: are you willing to shine at the club? If you are, you have an ally: you are not the protagonist.

Talent and quality he has in spades. He is a different player. Not to have been the most expensive in Botafogo’s history, as he carried it for months. Not your fault. But rather due to the lack of capacity that Alvinegro had, for years, to go to the market. But it is a fact that this label contributed negatively to the player.

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Patrick de Paula is no longer ‘absolute titleholder’

Patrick de Paula and his return to Botafogo

Without that pressure anymore and in a cast that is not a star, quite the opposite, he can stand out. It’s another piece in search of affirmation. Patrick de Paula can finally take off and deliver even more than expected of him.

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Today we cannot say that Patrick de Paula can fight to be a starter in a sector with names like Tche Tche, Marlon Freitas, Gregore It is Danilo Barbosa, for example. Apart from the kids who ask for permission. And this is what can help Patrick de Paula.

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The lack of protagonism in some moments is good. It’s a gift for some people. Working without being on the radar of others is something very important for everyone who is always under pressure. And we can expect more from Patrick de Paula. He just wants to.

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