Hamilton claims he had title stolen in 2021

Hamilton claims he had title stolen in 2021
Hamilton claims he had title stolen in 2021

Lewis Hamilton spoke clearly that he was robbed at the World Cup Formula 1 2021, whose title went to Max Verstappen. The British pilot still thinks about Abu Dhabi GP, the last of that season and essential for defining the champion. In the race, an error by the test team allowed Verstappen to overtake Hamilton on the last lap. The future member of the team Ferrarihowever, guarantees that he “is at peace” with the situation.

According to the seven-time world champion, he still feels frustrated when he sees a video of the race. Hamilton and the Red Bull driver were tied on points and arrived at the Abu Dhabi GP in the situation of “whoever is in front is champion”. The Mercedes driver had a 14-second advantage over Verstappen, but an accident forced the safety car onto the track. This lessened the distance between the two. The Dutchman made a stop and changed the tires. The safety car was removed one lap in advance and, in the last sprint, Verstappen had no difficulty overtaking Hamilton, who did not change wheels during the safety car’s entry.

“If I was robbed? Obviously. I mean, you know the story. But I think what’s really beautiful about that moment, is what I took away from it, was that my dad was with me. And we went through this gigantic rollercoaster of life together. And, on the day I felt the most pain, he was there, and the way he raised me was to always stand up straight and keep my head up. Of course I went to congratulate Max, and I didn’t realize the impact that would have, but I was also very aware that there was a ‘mini me’ watching it. This is a defining moment in my life. I think it really was, I felt it. I didn’t know how it would be perceived. I hadn’t seen it. But I was definitely aware: the next 50 meters I walk is where I either fall to the ground and die, or get up,” Hamilton told the American magazine GQ.

Lewis Hamilton will be a Ferrari driver from 2025. Photograph: Disclosure/Netflix

In the conversation, Hamilton defined the beginning of 2024 as the “most exciting time in life”. In addition to this being his last season at Mercedes, he is looking forward to the next one, his first at Ferrari. “I’ve never started a year excited for the following year. People ask me all the time: where do you see yourself in five years? And I’ve never been able to look that far. But now I’m in a position where I can map out a little bit further,” he revealed.

Hamilton’s first five years in Formula 1 were with McLaren. Then, at Mercedes, he established himself as one of the greatest in the history of the sport. The move to the rival, in 2025, shocked Formula 1. Behind the scenes of the transfer and the driver’s career will be told in a documentary produced by Apple TV.

Hamilton denies that the last season at Mercedes will be protocol. “My focus is: How can I deliver the best year this team has ever had, after all the great years we’ve had? It’s how you engage with the people around you. Those who received the news, some very well, others not so much. How do you take them on this journey and come out on a high note together?” he asked.

The time for this would be a recovery story, as the driver comes from a drought of two seasons without victories and with the dominance of Max Verstappen and Red Bull. So far, with three GPs contested, Hamilton has not been able to project the desire to come out on top on the tracks. He will have one more chance at the Japanese GP, next Sunday.

Where does Hamilton go after Ferrari?

At 39 years old, Hamilton is already thinking about stopping. He revealed that this is the topic of conversations he has had with Boris Becker, Serena Williams, Michael Jordan and other sports stars. To avoid possible frustrations with retirement, Hamilton is already focusing on other interests, such as cinema and fashion.

“My mind is always moving. I have very, very vivid dreams, I have to wake up and write them down. I will have visions of something I am designing. Or sometimes it’s music. Sometimes I have a song playing in my head. I get up and go downstairs, play on the piano, record it and it becomes part of something I’m doing,” he told GQ.

The driver commented on the criticism he suffered when fulfilling desires beyond Formula 1, such as his taste for the arts and activism. Hamilton believes that tastes and desires also constitute the driver. “I actually feel sorry for some of the drivers before us in the early 2000s. There was clearly more to them but they weren’t able to show it. But if we look at our world now, there are drivers who express themselves differently,” he reflected.

The British man’s desire is to “do everything”, including cinema, music and fashion. He confesses that he doesn’t believe there is enough time to be an expert in these areas. “To be a master at something, it takes 10,000 hours. I did it in racing,” he said.

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