Pre-Kerrsor – Sierra Kerr: evolution of women’s surfing



Sierra Kerr, a 17-year-old Australian, shows the direction of the evolution of women’s surfing in her new video Pre-Kerrsor.

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Sierra Kerr – April 1, 2024. Frame Film Pre Kerrsor.

Speaking in clichés about having surfing DNA is a trap for a good text. However, not stating that Sierra Kerr “inherited” the frontside chop, with her hands behind her body, much like her father, Josh, would be a mistake.

Clichés aside, there may be surfing films starring women of the caliber of Pre-Kerrsor, but here in these parts we’ve never seen anything like it. With a soundtrack based on punk rock, the best rhythm to illustrate Sierra’s tone, the production features editing by Jesse Litle and shows the 17-year-old girl breaking the ditch on the last level.
Sierra takes tubes on super shallow slabs, does aerials on the last degree of difficulty, takes tubes without hands in Teahupoo and so on.

Filmed over the course of a year after the athlete recovered from a knee injury, Pre-Kerrsor offers an intimate look at Sierra Kerr’s journey. In an exclusive interview with Stab, Sierra shared details about her relationship with her father, Josh Kerr, a former competitor and accomplished surfer, as well as her hopes and plans to join the Championship Tour (CT).

After winning the WSL world junior title, Kerr appears ready to join the likes of Caitlin Simmers, Molly Picklum and others on the rise. All of them!

Grade 10!

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