Landim contradicts Braz about hiring Carlinhos at Flamengo

Landim contradicts Braz about hiring Carlinhos at Flamengo
Landim contradicts Braz about hiring Carlinhos at Flamengo

Opponent of Flamengo in the decision of the Carioca Championship, Carlinhos is ready to join coach Tite’s squad after the second leg of the State Championship, when he will play his last game wearing the New Iguaçu.

But the motivation for hiring the center forward resulted in different versions of the red and black leadership.

When confirming the agreement with the athlete, last Saturday (30), Marcos Braz denied that the club was already moving to make up for the possible absence of Gabigol, suspended on March 25th for two years by the TJD-AD (Court of Justice Desportiva Anti-Doping) after being found guilty of an attempt to cheat an anti-doping test.

“It has nothing (to do) with Gabigol’s situation”, assured Flamengo’s vice-president of football to the channel goat. “He’s a player we were already monitoring. We did this before the finals because we understood that we could lose the player to a club here in Rio or outside Brazil”.



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The search for Carlinhos, however, had another motivation in Rodolfo Landim’s view.

In an interview with CBN Radiothe president of Flamengo admitted that the signing involved the chance that Gabigol would need to fully comply with the suspension.

The penalty began to be valid retroactively from April 2023, when the attempted fraud on the exam occurred, and will be valid until April 2025.

“We remain confident in the reversal of this decision in Switzerland, but we have to prepare. We have now made a recent move that was made public precisely to cover a possible gap of being without it during some games. We don’t control the time needed for him to be judged again”, said the president of Flamengo.

The athlete was suspended on March 25th for two years by the TJD-AD (Anti-Doping Sports Court of Justice) after being found guilty of an attempted drug test fraud.



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According to the ESPNan appeal was filed by the athlete’s defense, with the support of Flamengo, to the European court, which is the highest instance of sports justice in the world.

If the appeal is accepted, CAS will schedule a trial, which will determine whether Gabriel’s hook will remain valid or will be overturned.

It should be noted, however, that if the Swiss court takes the case to trial, there are three possibilities:

  • The suspension is overturned;

  • The suspension will be maintained until April 2025;

  • The suspension will be extended until April 2028, which is the maximum penalty for cases of attempted fraud in an anti-doping test;

According to the report, the Rio team and Gabriel’s staff do not see the case with optimism, but will try to reverse it in Switzerland.

Flamengo’s next games:

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