Justin Bieber To Play Smaller Show And Return To LA Next

The cancellation of all Justin Bieber shows in Brazil, except for Rock in Rio, as the LeoDias column published first hand, was confirmed this Sunday (4/9) by the Multishow channel. However, contrary to what had been announced before, even the performance of the Canadian singer in Rio de Janeiro will undergo changes.

Justin Bieber closes the third day of the festival this Sunday and his performance will be smaller than that of all the other artists at the event. He will sing a maximum of one hour on stage, which is why all the other singers this Sunday, like Demi Lovato, had their performance times changed by the festival’s production.


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Justin Bieber was banned from buying any Ferrari car


As soon as he finishes his act on the World Stage, Bieber will turn his back on the audience, get back into his private jet and return to Los Angeles, where he lives with his wife Hailey Baldwin. To take care of his mental health, which is going through a delicate moment, he canceled all upcoming shows on the Justice World Tour. In other words, the singer’s concert at Rock in Rio will be the last of his career for a long time.

The LeoDias column, which works daily with the fan-idol relationship, offers its solidarity to the singer’s fans who went to the shows. We wish the singer a speedy recovery.

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