Tourist trapped in hotel pool during earthquake in Taiwan; see video

Tourist trapped in hotel pool during earthquake in Taiwan; see video
Tourist trapped in hotel pool during earthquake in Taiwan; see video

A strong 7.4 magnitude earthquake shook Taiwan this Wednesday morning, 3, leaving nine dead and more than 800 injured. A video showed the exact moment the tourist was relaxing in a hotel pool in Taipei when the tremor began. The boy is fine.

Man trapped in hotel pool during Taiwan earthquake

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In the early hours of this Wednesday, the 3rd, a tense video spread across the internet. The record shows a tourist inside a swimming pool on the terrace of a hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, at the exact moment the earthquake occurred. Despite the despair surrounding the situation, the boy remained calm and continued in the water.

It all happened when he decided to swim in the morning, according to SET News. Staying at the Regent Taipei hotel, the man and a friend then went to the terrace, where the recording was captured. While relaxing in the space during his vacation, the tourist was shocked: suddenly, the tremor started and the water in the pool started to move strongly from one side to the other.

While trying to remain calm, the friend managed to record a video of the moment. After the incident, the hotel closed the pool to prevent other people from experiencing similar situations. According to the MirrorMedia, Regent Taipei has further assured that all guests and staff are safe.

Man trapped in Taiwan hotel pool during earthquake

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Little damage to the hotel

It’s not just Regent Taipei’s staff and guests who are doing well. According to information from the hotel itself, the earthquake did not significantly damage the structure of the place.

The staff counted some broken dishes and reported that they were well trained in case of emergencies. If something was life-threatening, the entire process of evacuating guests and employees would be done via the stairs.

Alert in Taiwan

A strong 7.4 magnitude earthquake left nine dead and more than 900 injured in Taiwan. Tsunami risk warnings were issued for Japan and the Philippines.

The earthquake recorded off the island’s east coast is the strongest recorded in Taiwan in the last 25 years. According to the country’s official news agency, this is the worst earthquake since 1999, when a tremor caused the deaths of 2,400 people and damaged 50,000 properties.

In the hours following the earthquake, at least ten aftershocks with a magnitude above 5.0 were felt, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Buildings collapsed due to the force of the earthquake in Taiwan

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Tsunami risk

After the tremor, tsunami warnings were issued for islands in Japan and the Philippines and canceled about three hours later. The earthquake was also felt in cities on China’s coast, including Shanghai, the country’s largest city.

In Taiwan, at least 26 buildings collapsed, according to authorities. Rescuers worked to rescue more than 70 people who were trapped among the rubble. The earthquake reached a depth of almost 16 km and in the capital Taipei, part of the city was left without power.

According to authorities, around 50 people, most of them tourists, who were in four minibuses and were going to visit a national park are missing. There is no confirmation about their nationality until the last update.

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