Video: Vale do Jatoba records heavy rain in the Barreiro region in BH

Video: Vale do Jatoba records heavy rain in the Barreiro region in BH
Video: Vale do Jatoba records heavy rain in the Barreiro region in BH

Av. Senador Levindo Coelho, in Vale do Jatobá, in the Barreiro region, in Belo Horizonte (MG), recorded extremely heavy rain this Tuesday afternoon (1), according to Civil Defense monitoring.

Video shows traffic flowing amidst a lot of water on the road, which has not been blocked by BH Trans so far. No flooding has yet been recorded in the area.

A rain is considered “extremely heavy” by Civil Defense when the volume exceeds 5 mm³.

See the flooding points in Belo Horizonte this Tuesday (2)

Elsewhere in the region, Av. Afonso Vaz de Mello, in the Tirol neighborhood, is also facing heavy rains with a risk of flooding, according to a video provided to Itatiaia.

Last week, rain left residents of the region practically isolated. Residents complained to the Itatiaia that flooding is recurrent in the area and that, despite complaints, the problem persists.

According to the Civil Defense of BH, the West, Center-South, East, Northeast and Barreiro regions recorded rain showers on Tuesday afternoon (2).

The most affected areas were the Center-South and Barreiro regions, in BH.

See Civil Defense recommendations during the rain:

  • Redouble your attention! Avoid flood areas and do not travel on streets subject to flooding or near streams and rivers during heavy rain.
  • Do not cross flooded streets or let children play in floodwaters or near streams.
  • Do not take shelter or park vehicles under trees.
  • Pay special attention to slopes and hills.
  • Never approach broken electrical cables. Call CEMIG (116) or Civil Defense (199) immediately.
  • If you notice cracks in the walls of houses or the appearance of cracks, depressions or water mines on the ground, notify Civil Defense immediately.
  • In case of lightning, do not remain in open areas or use electrical equipment.

Issuing alerts

Residents of Belo Horizonte can receive a warning from Civil Defense about the risk of heavy rain, hail, storms, windstorms, flooding, landslides and other meteorological phenomena.

It is possible to register on the Civil Defense WhatsApp Public Channel ( or send an SMS with your street zip code to the number 40199 to receive alerts and recommendations.

Additionally, alerts can be followed on social media, including Instagram, Facebook and Telegram (@defesacivilbh).

Participate in Itatiaia channels:

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